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For your convenience, Dr. Cortes has provided patient registration forms on this page. To save time, patients can download, print, and fill out registration forms prior to their appointment.

If you have any questions about information listed on these forms, please call our office at (713) 234-6244.

Patient Registration Forms


Most of the plastic surgery procedures that we perform are elective and cosmetic in nature, which is why they are not covered by health insurance. The good news is that we have flexible and low monthly payment financing options available to patients that can fit their specific circumstances.
We have partnered with 3 financing companies to provide our patients financing services and make plastic surgery available and affordable for you. Since we need full cash payment for all elective procedures in advance, we can have you pre-qualify for financing with your approval a few days before the procedure. We don’t charge you for facilitating you to avail financing for your procedure.
We prefer to qualify our patients for financing from You can apply for financing by calling at 1-888-502-8020 (Monday to Friday) between 9:30 AM and 7:30 PM CST. You can even apply online at Whether you have a good or below average credit history, you can qualify for financing. In case you are not approved, you can contact us at 713-766-0045 to explore other financing options.




Dr. Cortés is a world-renowned plastic surgeon. Every year, hundreds of people consult with him from different states and countries. You can also make an appointment for consultation with Dr. Cortes, who has already performed plastic surgery procedures on hundreds of out-of-town patients. The good news is that we will arrange your travel and accommodation in Houston if you want to come for the Wonder breast lift surgery or any other major operation. We will ensure that your stay in Houston is a memorable experience.
Most of out-of-town patients arrive at Bush International Airport, Houston. Dr. Cortes’ office is 25 minutes from the airport. The office is located in downtown Houston.


If you are in another state or country and considering the Wonder breast lift or any other procedure, you can initially send us your photos at instead of visiting in person. We will look at your photos and see the aesthetic flaws and get to know your aesthetic goals. Your candidacy for the procedure can also be assessed. Your medical history will also be required to evaluate your candidacy for the surgery.
After we determine that you are a good candidate for the procedure, we will let you know via email or phone and you can travel to Houston for the operation. We will book a hotel for you if necessary and then schedule a pre-operative consultation with Dr. Cortes. During the pre-operative consultation, Dr. Cortes will examine your body and assess your medical history in person and then provide you the specific cost of the surgery.
The surgery will be performed at the Houston Northwest Medical Center, which is an accredited and renowned hospital and surgical facility. It is situated near the junction of FM 1960 and Highway 45. When the surgery is finally performed, the patient is required to spend the next one or two weeks in Houston for recovery. The exact length of your stay in Houston depends on how well you heal and the type of the surgery.
It is critical for the patient to share her complete health and medication history with Dr. Cortes during the online and in-person consultations. Your safety is Dr. Cortes’ priority. Patients coming from other states and countries are required to fill a form about any health issues they might have, such as diabetes, hypertension, asthma, blood disorder, etc. This is needed before booking your flight to Houston. There are also certain lab tests that are needed before the procedure, such as a pregnancy test and blood tests to diagnose any underlying conditions that might interfere with the surgery, the healing process, or the desired aesthetic improvements.
We are excited to hear from you and have you at our office in Houston. Moreover, we hope your journey to Houston will be a rewarding and good experience.

Wonder breast lift
( $9,500 )

The wonder breast lift is highly effective for fixing loose breasts. This procedure raises your breasts, making them shapelier and perkier. Dr. Cortes has performed this procedure hundreds of times in the past years due to its high demand.
This procedure differs from the traditional breast lift because it not only raises your breasts, but also reshapes and sculpts them to complement your overall figure and composition. Unlike the traditional approach, it offers long-term results. The surgery normally starts at $9,500, which includes the cost of liposuction of the axilla and the sides of the breasts.

Wonder breast lift with implants
( $6,000 – $9,000 )

The price of the wonder breast lift with implants depends on the extent of breast sagging. Normally, the price will be between $6,500 and $9,900. Also, the price depends on the type of implant used and the surgery’s scope. Liposuction may also be done during this procedure to make your breasts shapelier. The price of liposuction will be included into the cost.

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