24 December 2017 / / Wonder Breast Channel

Many women seek breast augmentation because it is one of the fastest and safest procedures in terms of breast enhancement. It is done to improve the appearance of the breasts and to correct some breast issues. However, there are women who are curious if this surgical intervention is also applicable to old women. This is because there are old women who want to improve their breasts. Know that breast augmentation is a procedure that can be performed on any healthy woman regardless of her age. Keep in mind that when it comes to cosmetic surgery, age is not a limiting factor to consider when it comes to candidacy for the procedure.

Though age is not a limiting factor to determine the candidacy of a person to a certain surgical procedure, you have to be aware that it has a significant effect on the amount of surgery needed to improve one’s breasts. In addition, age is important in terms of setting expectations on how you think your breasts will look or what you are expecting from the surgery.

It is expected that old women have sagging breasts as well as thinner skin and weaker breasts. Typically, these factors affect how natural your breasts will look after surgery. When an implant is placed, it settles depending on how the breast itself counteracts the force of the implant’s weight. The weaker the breast, the more the breast will have a natural look. Also, it is important to understand that with aging, breasts naturally sag.

Sagging breasts can be considered as a factor that can determine if a breast lift is also needed as inserting implants on low-hung breasts is not advised. Breast augmentation will not be a problem for as long as you are healthy. Understanding what type and look you want for your breasts based on your age should be a priority when it comes to discussing with your plastic surgeon.

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