Men’s plastic surgery goals

24 December 2017 / / Wonder Breast Channel

Like other women, some men also undergo plastic surgery procedures. Their main reason for doing so is similar to women’s: to enhance the appearance of their bodies. One of the most sought procedures by men is breast surgery. This intervention is done to treat the peculiar conditions that happen in men such as hypertrophy or enlarged breasts. It is undeniable that having enlarged breasts in men is a physical characteristic which is not psychologically acceptable to men. This is nothing to worry about because there are surgical interventions that could solve this predicament. The breast aesthetic surgery involves the elimination of the glandular hypertrophy, fat hypertrophy or mixed type, combination of glandular hypertrophy and fatty tissue hypertrophy.

If glandular hypertrophy occurs, you may require surgery if the gynecomastia or the excessive increase of the mammary gland of a male patient has not disappeared naturally. Keep in mind that the surgery allows you to eliminate the excess glandular tissue. On the other hand, there is something called fat hypertrophy, which is characterized by the accumulation of adipose tissues in the chest area or adipomastia. Most often, those who are affected by fat hypertrophy are overweight or obese patients. This can be treated through a simple liposuction so long as the area does not have saggy skin.

Liposuction is also a sufficient treatment for the combined hypertrophy, eliminating gynecomastia and adipomastia at the same time. However, in cases that gynecomastia is in an advanced stage, the surgical techniques of gynecomastia and liposuction of adipomastia will have to be performed at the same time. The removal of the gynecomastia is carried out under general anesthesia for about one hour, after which, the patient will have to be hospitalized for 24 hours. Male cosmetic breast procedures can truly enhance a man’s body by providing him with a more masculine chest.

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