Implants Bottoming Out

24 December 2017 / / Wonder Breast Channel

Breast augmentation surgery is a popular surgical intervention sought by many women across the globe. This is simply because it has removed the insecurities of women by helping them achieve their aesthetic results in terms of body appearance. Breast augmentation surgery is popular not only in the United States but in other countries as well. Women who have insecurities and issues when it comes to their breasts have found out ways on how they can achieve what they desire, as well as on how to get back their self-esteem.

If you are considering cosmetic surgery to enhance your breasts, you must know that you just can’t choose the type and size of implants that can satisfy your aesthetic goals. This is because there is one thing that will happen to every patient who undergoes breast augmentation with implants too big for their anatomy. This complication is called bottoming out. An implant is typically placed at the center of the breast.

With time the implant will settle which is normal. But if the patient has an implant that is very big and heavy, or they have poor skin elasticity, the implant will continue to descend with time. The implant has some weight and the skin is holding the implant in place; if skin elasticity is poor, the implant’s weight stretches the skin over time, allowing the implant to descend into an incorrect anatomical place.

During your initial consultation, you must carefully listen to your surgeon so you can determine what is best for your anatomy. If you are not ready to give up what you desire and still want the surgeon to go on with the procedure, then most likely you will not be considered as an ideal candidate for the procedure. Always keep in mind that choosing the right breast implant for you is essential to get the best results and also to avoid complications like implants bottoming out after the surgery.

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