How breast surgery is performed

24 December 2017 / / Wonder Breast Channel

What makes the cosmetic breast surgery different from other surgeries are the goals of the said operation, the technical peculiarities, and the outcome. The breast surgery includes the following steps: the preoperative stage, the actual operation, and lastly, postoperative follow-up.

In the pre-operative stage, it is where the development of the operative plan occurs. This stage includes the psychological, emotional and health preparation of the patients. It is recommended that during the consultations with the plastic surgeon, the patients should clearly communicate their needs, preferences, and expectations. On the other hand, the surgeon should also evaluate the physical condition of the patient. In this way, the surgeon can determine what procedures are needed to satisfy the needs of the patients. To prevent the patients from being getting disappointed with the surgical procedure, the surgeon should tell the advantages, disadvantages and lastly, the limitations of the intervention. Keep in mind that an informed patient is a patient prepared for surgery.

Furthermore, the preoperative operations include the patient’s health examination. As a patient, you must refrain yourself from taking any anti-inflammatory medication for at least 15 days before the surgery. If you are a smoker, you also have to stop smoking for at least a month before and after the surgery. This is because it can slow down your healing process. In the actual operation, the use of anesthesia depends on the complexity of the intervention and the techniques that will be performed by the surgeon.

If you have undergone the surgical procedure, you are recommended to wear dressing or a compression garment. This is done to minimize the swelling and support the new breasts. Basically, the use of the compression garments is essential to achieve a satisfactory result after the breast surgery. Strict adherence to the surgeon’s recommendations is imperative to your recovery. Proper post-operative care can ensure a speedy recovery.

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