24 December 2017 / / Wonder Breast Channel

As years go by, the breast implants that are being used for cosmetic purposes continue to improve when it comes to quality and longevity. The consistency and safety of the products have inspired more and more patients to come to cosmetic clinics and go after their aesthetic goals.

And once again, there’s good news for every patient who wants to enhance the shape and beauty of their breasts. A new generation of implants has been introduced in the cosmetic industry. It is known as the gummy bear implants. Now, what does gummy implant has that makes it an amazing product for breast augmentation?

For a start, gummy bear implants offer a higher degree of cohesiveness than all the other kinds of implants available today. It is composed of more cohesive silicone that feels firmer than the usual. While a gummy bear implant still uses the same silicone materials that make up the other types of implants, it is essentially considered as one of the best implants today because of its consistency. One example of a gummy bear implant is the Allergan 410.

Moreover, a gummy bear implant has a more anatomical shape and they are placed differently during the surgery. This can also make patients who aim to have more natural looking breasts happy and satisfied with the result. It is less prone to rupture and leakage because of it viscous gel and consistency as compared to its predecessors.

Even if we remove the shell of the implant and just keep the actual gel that is inside, the implant itself can hold its form. It is very thick, durable, and highly resistant. Definitely, a patient has a lower risk of experiencing complications when they choose a gummy bear implant. With this innovation, it is not surprising if the number of patients who want to undergo surgery suddenly doubles.

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