Can I get a breast lift in my 20s?

31 October 2018 / / Wonder Breast Channel

Hi, this is Dr. Hourglass, and welcome to another video in our channel Wonder Breasts. Today we are going to discuss: Can I get a breast lift in my 20s? In this channel we discuss everything related to breast surgery.
Welcome back! The breast lift procedure’s purpose is to lift drooping breasts that start sagging due to the relaxation of the skin envelope of the breasts. This procedure aims to make your cleavage look fuller and restore the firmness of the breasts and their natural position on the chest wall.
Women of different ages come to my practice to ask for a breast lift surgery. Most of them are over 40 years old, but there are plenty in their 20s too.
It is true that breast ptosis mostly occurs with age, but in younger women, it usually occurs after significant weight loss or multiple pregnancies.
The volume of the breast, and therefore its weight, is also responsible for a certain degree of ptosis, which may coexist with hypertrophy. In other words, if the patient has developed overly large breasts in her teen years, by her 20s she might already be confronted with a certain level of sagginess.
Only a few patients resort to plastic surgery to correct breast ptosis in their youth because they believe they are too young for a breast lift. But this procedure is not about your age, but the condition of your breasts. If your nipple is facing downward and you notice that a significant part of the mammary gland is positioned under the inframammary fold, then you might need a breast lift, even if you are just around 20 years of age. If your cleavage looks empty and there is no upper pole fullness, you might also have breast ptosis that needs correction.
Undergoing a breast lift in your 20s is not a guarantee that your breasts will maintain their elevated appearance for the rest of your life. If the patient experiences pregnancies or weight loss after the procedure, the shape, position, and consistency of the breasts might change once more.
I usually recommend my patients to undergo this procedure when their family is complete or when they don’t expect to get pregnant at least in the next two years following the procedure.
But it is understandable that patients want to get a breast lift sooner in life. The result of the procedure is noticeable almost immediately. The shape of the breasts is rounder, the breasts are firm and positioned higher on the thorax and more symmetrical. However, the lifting is really definitive after a year, when the scars gradually fade until becoming thin white lines almost undetectable.
If you have a breast lift in your 20s, you might need additional breast enhancement surgery later on in life.
In this video, we discussed: Can I get a breast lift in my 20s? Next week we will discuss: Breast augmentation with liposuction. Remember to comment below, share this video, like this video, and subscribe to our channel for more information, here at the Wonder Breasts channel, only on YouTube. Also, you can log on to our website,, for more information about your procedure and to see amazing surgical results. If you have a question please post it below and we will be happy to answer it. Maybe we will make a video about it.


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