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Most of the known complications that are being associated with breast surgery complications are also being associated with breast implants. While there is a high number of women who express their interest when it comes to cosmetic surgeries, there are also critics who think that breast implants can only do harm and no good. Now, if you’re asking if breast implants can make you sick, then here are some answers.

When it comes to breast augmentation surgery, it is no denying that one of the most difficult decisions is to choose what kind of breast implants will give them a satisfactory result and can last for a long time.

For a start, the breast implants that are being used in the commercial cosmetic industry are approved by the FDA in the United States. They have been subjected to studies and research over the years to prove its safety.

The silicone breast implants that are available on the market today are filled with a thick cohesive silicone gel formula. It exhibits a natural pliability that resembles the breast tissue closely. Because of its capacity to hold together in a uniform fashion, silicone breast implants are less likely to rupture than saline implants. Surgeons highly recommend the use of silicone implants for patients with very little natural breast tissue or fat. The implants allow your breast to get bigger while still keeping a natural look. In case a rupture happens, the silicone gel will not leak into the breast, unlike the other implants that are composed of a more liquid type of material.

The higher the cohesiveness degree of the implant, the lesser there will be the leak of visible silicone. Also, Mentor and Allergan, famous manufacturers of breasts implants, provide a warranty for free that is generally valid for 10 years.

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