Breast Lift Procedures

A breast lift is one of the most difficult procedures to execute in plastic surgery. This procedure can restore your breasts to their previous form, but there are many things that make this procedure a surgical challenge. A breast that is saggy occurs for various reasons. One of the most common ones is pregnancy. During pregnancy, the slow enlargement of the breasts and the weight stretch the internal structures including the skin and the coppers??? ligaments. These ligaments are the ones that provide support, thus helping firm and shape the breasts. After pregnancy, although there is typically a decrease in the size of the breasts, there is a recruitment of excessive skin that, unfortunately, does not return to its previous form. In addition, the skin itself loses significant elasticity, and this can be perceived as stretch marks of various forms. In other words, there is a loss of support in every single aspect of the anatomical components that compose the breasts as a unit. All of these factors will make the breasts sag in various forms.


As mentioned before, a breast lift is a challenge. Breasts are very different; there are always asymmetries in each breast. Even a breast that does not require a lift will be slightly asymmetric to the other one. Some of the asymmetries include the following:

  1. breast shape
  2. breast volume
  3. breast base
  4. areola dimension
  5. mammary fold location.


Now, just imagine having certain asymmetries and, on top of that, your breasts are saggy and the volume has decreased significantly. For example, we need to match the breast volume and many times this will require different implant sizes in each breast. The amount of skin to be removed differs in each breast among other things.


If you are thinking about having a breast lift, there are certain things that you need to consider before the procedure. In the first place, decide the size of the breasts that you want to be after surgery. A breast lift by itself will tend to decrease the size of your breast for the simple reason that, whichever technique is used to lift the breasts, the main maneuver to do so is by removing the excessive skin to make the new breast ???fit??? the existent breast tissue. If you want to have the breasts smaller and / or of the same size, then, a typical breast lift without implants will be the choice. On the other hand, if you want a bigger breast, then, you need to consider augmenting the breasts with breast implants.


Secondly, depending on how much sagginess you have, you will need to accept some scars. These scars can be located just around the areola if the sagginess is minor; a more extensive scar can be vertical in nature and horizontal in more severe cases.All of this will be determined during your consultation. For example, if your breast sags approximately less than 3 cm, then, a breast lift around the areola will be sufficient to lift the breast to its previous form. If your breast sags more than 3 cm, then, you will need a vertical breast lift. If your breast sags even more, you will need, not only a vertical scar, but a horizontal scar. I do not use a complete horizontal scars for a breast lift because this scar can go all the way to the midline and can show if you wear sexy clothes or want to show some cleavage.


In addition, any current technique to lift the breasts will tend not to provide long-term results because of the evolution and natural course of the breasts after the procedure. What this means is that avoiding the breasts from sagging early after surgery and even a few years after surgery is not a very easy task to accomplish. Any surgeon will be able to lift your breasts to the proper position, but keeping your breasts lifted requires a level of technique that relies more than the skin envelope to preserve your results.


Experience has taught me to make adjustments by being very critical about my work when using both techniques: the breast lift with implants and the breast lift without implants. What I have called the wonder breast lift is the closest ideal procedure that can provide very long-term results. Believe me. That really requires a combination of expertise and creativity that nor all plastic surgeons possess.

Current techniques to lift the breasts lack the ability to provide long-term results. This be can confirmed by following the evolution and natural course of the breasts after the procedure. One of the most difficult things to do is to provide long-term upper pole fullness or the roundness and shape of the breasts. In addition, most of the techniques today do not reconstruct the essence of the breast mound. A saggy breast requires that every single anatomical structure is reconstructed to its previous form. The Wonder Breast Lift is a technique that does not use any implant to re-create new lifted breasts, thus resulting in very round and full breasts.

Dr. Cortés’s Wonder Breast Lift technique rearranges and positions the breast tissue to its normal anatomical location and provides long-term results. As a matter of fact, your breasts will look like if you had had a breast implant but without a breast implant. He basically uses the patient’s own tissue to remodel the breast mound.

One way to lift the breasts is by using breast implants. A breast implant will lift your breast about 1 to 2 cm depending on the size of the implant. So, patients with mild breast sagginess and standard breast augmentation will lift their breasts without the need to do a breast lift. This is one of the most overused techniques in breast surgery. If your breast is extremely saggy, attempting a breast lift with implants will result in a large but droopy breast. I can guarantee that you will not be happy with the results.

A breast lift with implants is indicated in those patients that want to have bigger breasts and at the same time fuller breasts. Now, we have to choose the breast implant that is appropriate for your current breasts because any implant that is too big will sag early after surgery. Nevertheless, this procedure will achieve the desired results. When a breast implant is placed in the breast pocket, your breasts will be lifted approximately one or 2 cm.; then, the excessive skin is removed, thus finalizing a complete lift of the breast.

If the lift is minor, then, the scar can be located just around the areola. If the sagginess is more significant, then, you will have a vertical scar and, in some situations, a limited lateral horizontal scar. In addition, it is very important to suspend the implant to avoid an unnatural settling of the implant creating a long and elongated breast with a bottom out look.

The more sagginess you have, the more challenging the surgery would be. Many factors will be determined before your surgery in order to provide you with the best surgical results.

A breast lift without implants is a procedure that lifts the breasts and maintains the size of your breasts or will make your breasts smaller depending on the patient’s anatomy. If you do not want to have implants or if you want your breasts the same size or smaller, then, this procedure is right for you.

There are many ways and techniques to lift the breasts. In any of these techniques, you will need to accept a scar around the areola and also vertically. One of the biggest issues with the current breast lift techniques is that they rely on the skin envelope to reshape the breast and support the breast tissue. This is the reason why the breasts will look very good right after surgery but, then, with time the breasts’ parenchyma will create enough downward pressure and when combined with gravity the breasts will bottom out with time.

There are two categories of a breast lift. There is the skin only breast lift and a breast lift where the nipple areola complex is transferred in a pedicle. This refers to an area of the breast tissue that contains the areola complex. Different techniques will do this in different ways. You can transfer the nipple or a complex superiorly, inferiorly, superior medially, and centrally, among others. The closure of the skin envelope will result in a scar that goes vertically down or vertically down and horizontal.

My technique for doing a breast lift without implants implies, not only lifting the nipple areola complex, but also rearranging the soft tissue of the breasts to provide very significant upper pole fullness, round shape, and long-term results. The scar that I typically use is a vertical scar in most cases and a vertical scar with only a lateral horizontal scar; in this way, the scar can be hidden and you will be able to use the clothes that you desire.

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