Breast Lift Scars

24 December 2017 / / Wonder Breast Channel

If you are planning to improve the appearance of your body and you are interested in undergoing any kind of breast enhancement surgery, you should be aware that just like any other surgical intervention; you cannot avoid having scars after the surgery has been done. Some patients who go for a breast lift surgery are unaware that they cannot prevent the occurrence of scars. Know that it is a major operation that includes incisions. This means that the incidence of scars is inevitable.

A breast lift is indicated when your nipple-areolar complex is off center, as measured from the inframammary fold. Patients like to request as little scarring as possible to have a nice result, but your breasts and the amount of sagginess will ultimately determine the best option for you. Before I perform a breast lift procedure, I measure your real breast volume, your apparent breast volume, and the distance from the current nipple-areolar complex to where it is supposed to be. These measurements allow me to provide you the best option to minimize the scars that will result from the procedure.

The only way you can have a minor breast lift, meaning that your incision is just around the areola, is if your breast sagginess is less than 3 cm. When there is 3 cm of breast sagginess, this means that the amount of excess skin you have is not a lot, and when I mark the area that we need to excise, the scar can be hidden with a closure around the areola. This is the reason why it is important to have a discussion between the surgeon and the patient. It is significant to discuss the expectations to avoid the patient from being disappointed after the intervention has been performed.

Regarding the length of scars, you need to be realistic and understand that you cannot pick and choose a given breast lift technique. Your breasts will ultimately determine the length of the scar and the procedure that is more indicated for you.

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