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20 October 2017 / / Breast lift

A breast lift and breast augmentation can be performed simultaneously in a single session, and the recovery time will not be prolonged as a result of combing the two surgeries. Getting ready for the procedures is the first step towards a long journey. The post-surgical care is critical to make certain that the results are long-lasting and effective, and the recovery is quick and complication-free.

Recovery after a breast lift and augmentation will take the same time as if only one of these surgeries is performed. However, you must allow your body the required time to heal properly. You must also know how to take proper care of the surgical area, so it can heal properly and quickly. The dressings will be removed during a follow-up appointment with your surgeon. Your surgeon may also recommend you to wear compression garments for a few weeks after the surgery. This is to ensure that you heal properly and the associated risks are minimized.

Pain, discomfort, and swelling are common when a breast lift is performed along with a breast augmentation. The pain will disappear within 24 to 48 hours after surgery. The severity of the pain will vary from one patient to another, depending on their pain tolerance levels. Your doctor may recommend you pain relief medications to help ease the discomfort for you. The inflammation will subside when you have completely healed.

Combing Breast Lift with Breast Augmentation

You will get impressive aesthetic improvements in your breasts by combining a breast lift surgery with breast augmentation, particularly if your breasts have become saggy. The surgeries can be combined to decrease the downtime and other discomforts for you. When both procedures are performed concurrently, the recovery time will not increase.

Recovery After Breast Lift and Augmentation

Just like all other plastic surgery procedures, you must allow your breasts enough time to heal after a breast lift and augmentation procedure. The time required to heal after the combined procedure can vary for each patient, depending on factors like post-operative care and the patient’s natural tendency to heal. To heal properly after the surgery, make sure to follow your surgeon’s instructions and advice.

Caring for the Surgical Area

Following a breast lift and augmentation procedure, your surgical area will be dressed and bandaged. You should make it certain to keep the incisions dry, so they can heal properly. The dressings will be changed during a follow up visit to your surgeon. You may find drain tubes attached to the surgical area after the operation. This is to ensure that any bloodstained fluids that may accumulate are removed to help prevent seroma.

Your surgeon may also tell you to wear compression garments for a few days or weeks after surgery. This is to ensure that swelling is kept at minimum and your breasts heal properly. Furthermore, the use of a surgical bra will help keep your new breasts intact until they completely heal.

What to Expect During Recovery

The recovery period after a breast lift and augmentation is normally marked with some degree of pain and discomfort. Your plastic surgeon may prescribe some pain relief medications to ease the discomfort. You should make sure to take your medicine on time and according to your surgeon’s instructions.

You should also make sure to take enough rest and stay comfortable to help your body heal fast and properly. During the procedure, your sensory nerves in the breasts may be injured or damaged, which can lead to temporary or permanent change in breast sensation. In most cases, the loss or change in breast sensation is temporary, and your breasts will regain their original sensation over time.

You should also expect swelling and bruising in your breasts during the recovery period. The intensity of the inflammation can differ from one patient to another, and wearing compression garments is advised to contain the swelling. The swelling and bruising are simply your body’s natural reaction to the surgical trauma. They show that your body is trying to heal naturally. However, when the swelling goes beyond the surgical area, you should see your doctor to ensure that everything is normal.

After the surgery, scars will appear on your breasts. The extent and profundity of the scar will be different according to each patient, but they will gradually fade and become less visible. You can ask your surgeon for tips to decrease the scarring.

Getting Ready for Recovery

Before going under the knife to lift and augment your breasts, you should make sure that you are fully prepared for the recovery period. You must limit your physical activities after the surgery. Taking slow and short walks is fine as it will help prevent blood clotting, but do not engage in strenuous activity. Also, you should have everything you may need in place at home after the surgery, as you will not be able to do errands immediately after the surgery.

Moreover, you should have someone to accompany you at the hospital, drive you home, and stay with you for the first 24-48 hours after the surgery. Performing household chores is also not advised immediately after surgery.


When a breast lift and augmentation are used in combination, the recovery time will not increase. However, you should allow your breasts sufficient time to properly heal. You should be fully prepared to go for the combined surgery and make necessary arrangements for the recovery period beforehand.

During the recovery period, make sure to take enough rest and avoid strenuous activities. You will be able to resume work after one week, but you cannot resume exercise, sports, and other high endurance activities for at least one or two months after the procedure. Make sure to ask your doctor for tips to have a smooth and safe recovery after the breast lift and augmentation surgery.

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