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In my years of practice as a cosmetic surgeon, I have often encountered a lot of questions from my patients about breast implants. Among the most common questions is do the implants need to be replaced after 10 years. Generally, the answer is no. But just like in any kinds of cosmetic surgery, the answer varies from one case to another.

The breast implants that are being used today for breast augmentation are way better than the ones we have years ago. Every year, it seems that the manufacturers do not stop in improving the quality of their products to make sure that they are one hundred percent safe to use for all the patients. The longevity of the implants is among their top priorities as well.

Breast implants are generally made of silicone. It is a kind of material that our bodies can accept. In most cases, breast implants are considered as a permanent device. Especially if the patient has followed all the measures advised by their surgeon and keeps on returning to the clinic for follow up checkup, the breast implants can even take two or three decades down the road.

However, if a patient experienced a capsular contracture, it would be recommended by the surgeons that the implants must be removed. Moreover, if a patient develops beast ptosis, asymmetry or sagginess, then it would be the time that the implants will be removed and replaced with new ones. But as mentioned above, as time goes by, the breasts implants that are being offered to be used in augmentation continues to get better when it comes to quality.

When a breast revision surgery is needed to correct particular problems, it also means that the implants must be removed and replaced even if they didn’t reach the average warranty of ten years. Patients must also keep in mind that the implants age with time and the silicone shell has a fatigue level where it gets weak and has a higher risk of rupture over time.

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