Breast implant contrature

24 December 2017 / / Wonder Breast Channel

The breast enhancement procedure has been popular even before since it has made women’s dreams come true. It does not only help women remove their insecurities in terms of their physical looks but it also helped them achieve their aesthetic needs. Every woman who is interested in this kind of intervention must be aware that part of the breast augmentation procedure is placing an implant inside the breasts. This means that this surgery involves incisions, considering that it is a major operation.

Some patients who have undergone breast implant have developed capsular contracture. Know that its occurrence is likely to develop if the surgeon’s instructions will not be strictly followed. If the patient has not developed a capsular contracture within two to three years, she might not develop this complication for many years, unless a silicone implant was used. It is well established that the capsule forms around the breast implant in the first four to six weeks of breast implantation. This is a normal process that occurs in every single patient.

However, this capsule can progress into what we call a capsule contracture. There are essentially three physical characteristics that I look for to determine if there is a capsular contracture. Number one, and the most important one is firmness. After a silicone implant is placed, your breast is supposed to feel soft and natural. If your breast starts to feel firm, you might be having the early symptoms of capsule contracture. With a saline implant, it is a little more complicated, because this implant by itself feels firm. Your plastic surgeon will be able to determine if you, in fact, have a capsule contracture.

The second physical finding is if your breast starts to develop an abnormal shape. First, the breast will start looking very round. This will be followed by the implant shifting upward and looking higher than normal. This is a more advanced level of capsule contracture. The last symptom of a capsule contracture is if your breasts are tender to touch and sometimes cold. This also indicates a contracture that is advanced and requires surgery.

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