Breast augmentation symmastia

24 December 2017 / / Wonder Breast Channel

In breast augmentation, surgeons have to ensure that their patients are aware of the possible risks and complications that are closely associated with the intervention. It is of utmost importance that everything that might happen in the future must be explained in order for the patients to know what they are up to and what can they do in case it happens.

Aside from capsular contracture that is one of the most famous complications, patients have to be informed of the rare kind of complications as well. There are some patients who experience breast symmastia after the breast augmentation surgery. By definition, it is a condition wherein one or both implants are positioned too close to the midline over the sternum, which is the bone in the midline of the chest.

Breast symmastia is considered a rare case and it is one of the most difficult problems to correct. This post-operative issue requires a thorough assessment and evaluation as well as complex surgical techniques. This condition is not associated with the wrong choice of breast implants but to the implant pocket itself.

It is always mentioned and advised that you can’t just choose the size of implant that will be used in the surgery. Even if you have always dreamed to have big breasts, the surgeon has to ensure first that the sizes of implants are compatible with your general body and mid-section profile. Even if your anatomy can accommodate your desired size of breast implants, you must still choose a gifted surgeon that can ensure that the implants are embedded and put in the right place and position.

The good thing is, even if this condition is rare, patients can easily diagnose this complication. It is noticeable as the breasts touch in the middle, the skin has lifted off of the breastbone, and there is no separation of the breasts at the midline. If this occurs, the patient has to undergo a revision surgery.

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