Breast augmentation surgery incisions

24 December 2017 / / Wonder Breast Channel

Breast augmentation has been a popular surgical intervention because it has helped many women achieve their aesthetic goals. It is a very simple procedure but you are guaranteed that you can see the results right away. Since this surgery is a major operation, scarring is inevitable because it requires incisions. One of the key factors during your consultation with a plastic surgeon is to determine which incision will be the most appropriate for you.

There are currently four different incisions for breast augmentation. First is the periareolar, which means that the incision is performed around the areola. An incision can be placed here for direct access to the breast for proper placement of an implant. The third incision that some surgeons perform is a transaxillary incision, in which an incision is placed around the axilla and a pocket is created for implant insertion. The fourth one is what is called a periumbilical breast augmentation.

Choosing the best access depends on multiple factors. The two most commonly performed incisions are the one around the areola and the one under the breast at the inframammary fold. Each one has its benefits and disadvantages. For example, if the patient has a slight nipple or areola problem like an enlarged areola or nipple or some sort of minor sagginess, then performing an incision around the areola is ideal. This is because you can not only place the implant through the areola but also correct these potential problems without adding an extra incision.

It is important to determine which kind of incision should be used because it will also determine the length of the scar. However, you should know that you cannot just choose the kind of incision because it will still depend on your aesthetic needs. To solve this predicament, it is suggested that you discuss it with your surgeon.

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