Breast augmentation results

24 December 2017 / / Wonder Breast Channel

There are instances when patients get unsatisfied with the results of their chosen surgery. Sometimes, they blame the surgeon for not achieving their desired results. Everyone should know that having the best results do not only depend on the surgeon who will perform the procedure but it also depends on the anatomy of the patient as well as the postoperative care. If you are planning to undergo breast augmentation, you have to be aware of the mentioned concerns. Failure to do so will lead in creating unrealistic expectations.

When it comes to breast augmentation, the look of your breast is largely determined by your anatomy regardless of which implant size you will choose. The looser your skin is, the more natural your breasts are going to look. On the other hand, the tighter your skin is, the fuller your breasts are going to look. It is vital to understand how your breasts are going to look after the surgery, recognizing the soft tissue dynamic of the breasts. It is also important that you will tell your surgeon about your expectations so that he can identify whether your expectations are possible to achieve or not.

If you are planning to have breast implants, you have to determine first how you want your breasts will look. Once it is determined, you have to assess if that look is possible, based on your skin tone and anatomy. Considering you have the poor skin tone, even if you have absolutely no sagginess, know that it is impossible to get a very high implant look. This is because your skin will not hold the implant in that position in the long run. When the implant is placed, the skin is going to stretch. Skin that has lost its elasticity tends to give and stretch more when an implant is placed.

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