Breast augmentation lift

24 December 2017 / / Wonder Breast Channel

You may be already aware of what a breast augmentation surgery is and how it can help you satisfy your aesthetic needs. Whether you are seeking for this kind of surgery or not, you have to be aware that not all your expectations can be achieved. This is not because the surgeon can do it but because the results will mainly depend on your anatomy. Most of the time, breast augmentation requires breast implants. However, you cannot just choose the size of the implant because picking the wrong size can make your breast look unnatural or it can make the implant look high.

To those who have very tight skin or to those who want to have implants that are bigger than the anatomy allows, as what is expected, the implant will look high. One of the things that a surgeon can do is to help the breasts settle is breast massage. A breast strap can be used to help you if you are in this kind of situation. The breast strap is a band that goes over the breasts and behind your back, and the strap pushes the breast implants down constantly. This will help stretch the implants. During the first couple of weeks, when there are no scars around the implants, it will help the breasts settle in the appropriate place.

Keep in mind that it would be hard to push the implant into a more appropriate location if you do not start pushing the implant down especially once the scar forms. As a matter of fact, because the skin needs to stretch to accommodate the implant size, your chest is going to look like a bodybuilder’s: very tight, unnatural, and many times not very pretty. You do not have to worry because all of these will settle within the first month.

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