Breast augmentation implant size

24 December 2017 / / Wonder Breast Channel

The reason why many surgeons recommend that people who are interested in any kind of surgical intervention should have a physical examination first is to prevent them from being unsatisfied. It is important for the surgeons to determine the possible techniques that can be used to the patients based on the patients’ anatomy and aesthetic needs. In breast augmentation, it is significant that the patient will tell her surgeon about her desired breast size so that the surgeon can tell if it is possible to achieve or not. Even though some people say, “The bigger your breasts are, the better appearance you will have”, still, this is not true because it will still depend on your anatomy.

As discussed before, you cannot just choose the size of the implant that will be placed inside your breasts. Choosing the wrong size can make your breasts look unnatural. Remember, choosing the most appropriate implant for you is the most important decision that you will have regarding breast augmentation. For example, if you want a 400 cc implant, there is 400 mL of volume in that particular implant. Know that there is a difference between different implant volumes and how this translates into a breast cup size. For example, if a 400 cc implant fits best, your breast can handle 425 cc, 375 cc, etc.

Identifying the right volume is vital because it will affect the whole appearance of the body. To prevent the patient’s dissatisfaction, it is important to strictly follow the surgeon’s recommendations because he knows what is best. The goal of every surgeon is to achieve the best possible result but it will still depend on the patient if she is open to recommendations. The expertise of the surgeon should not only be the basis for the success of the surgery because the postoperative care will play a vital role too.

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