Breast augmentation complication

24 December 2017 / / Wonder Breast Channel

In today’s world where more and more people, especially women are becoming conscious of how they look, it is not surprising that most would do everything just to achieve their desired looks. And when we talk about the looks, most women believe that the bigger the breasts they have the sexier and the more appealing they look.

While many people have this perception in mind, I can’t just let my patients choose the size of implants that they want. In breast augmentation, I tell my patients that when it comes to the interaction and soft tissue dynamics of the breast implant and the breast itself, studies have shown that the bigger the implant, the more problems a patient would likely have.

During the initial consultation, I discuss with my patients that they must choose a size of breast implant that is appropriate for their skin elasticity and breast dimensions. This will not only bring more satisfactory and safer results to the patient, it will also make the result of the intervention long-lasting.

If the patient is hardheaded and insists on using an implant that is not appropriate with her anatomical condition, then it is sure that she will have breasts with a more unnatural look. While it is not necessarily bad, the patient will start developing a gap between the implant and the breast with shifting of the implant to the side when you lie down as time goes by.

Not only that. If bigger implants were placed, the patient would likely to experience back pain; loss of nipple sensation when the nerves are stretched beyond a critical point; loss of sensation in different parts of the breast; and visible rippling as the implant soft tissue envelope diminishes. So if you’re an interested patient and you want to get the best possible result, listening to your surgeon’s recommendation is a must.

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