Breast augmentation asymmetries corrections

24 December 2017 / / Wonder Breast Channel

As discussed before, the body has natural imperfections. If you will observe your body in the mirror, you will notice some asymmetries. Though it was mentioned in the previous articles that surgeries have limitations because they cannot correct all the imperfections in the body, still, there are certain asymmetries that they can improve. One of the imperfections that women have is asymmetric breasts. If you are one of those women who are in this kind of situation, know that it is nothing to worry about because it can be corrected by breast augmentation.

Lucky are those women whose breast asymmetry is not that visible but for those whose asymmetry is very noticeable, they can seek the mentioned surgical intervention. When it comes to breast asymmetry based on volume, a 50 to 75 cc difference in volume creates a noticeable difference in breast size. It is not going to change your cup size, but it will make your breasts significantly different after surgery in terms of fullness. So, if you have asymmetric breasts and you have more than a 50 to 75 cc difference in volume, it is not wise to use the same size implant on both sides, or your breasts are going to look lopsided.

It is vital to have a physical examination first before you undergo breast augmentation. In this way, the surgeon can determine the size of the implant that will suit your anatomy. For the smaller breast, a bigger implant can be used. The surgeon can determine which side is going to have the bigger implant and which side is going to have the smaller implant. Some techniques like using a sizer can be used to match the volume of your breasts and make them look similar. Keep in mind that you cannot make them identical but they can look similar.

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