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22nd Dec 2019

My breasts look so different one-week after breast reduction surgery

  When it comes to undergoing plastic surgery so delicate and complex as breast reduction, patients should know that there are always risks involved. Some of these risks are common to all surgeries such as the risk of developing an...

21st Dec 2019

How much can be achieved with a bbl?

  Fat transfer to the buttocks is very much in demand nowadays. The procedure is safe and delivers a complete remodeling of the body via the redistribution of fat. When the Brazilian butt lift is performed, the plastic surgeon will...

19th Dec 2019

Liposuction: Removing ALL fat from the body?

Liposuction: Removing ALL fat from the body?   There are certain procedures that have been performed for decades now, and each year they are more and more in demand. One of these procedures is liposuction, which is performed with the...


What to do after butt implant surgery

  Butt implant surgery is very much in demand nowadays as it can provide results that no other method can. With the use of implants, we can achieve a considerable augmentation of the buttocks in a matter of just a...

17th Dec 2019

Avoiding physically demanding activities after breast augmentation

Avoiding physically demanding activities after breast augmentation   Breast augmentation with implants is one of the most desired plastic surgery procedures in the world. Every day, thousands of women schedule their procedures with the aim of getting the breasts of...

17th Dec 2019

Addressing the lack of cleavage with plastic surgery

  When we see models on the runaway, most of them don’t have impressive breasts; however, when it comes to lingerie shows, they all seem to have just the right amount of cleavage. Cleavage is sexy, and many women are...

16th Dec 2019

Preparing for a breast lift

  The pre-operative consultation is an important meeting with the plastic surgeon you have chosen to play out your procedure. During this time, the details as well as your candidacy for the procedure will be discussed in detail. You will...

15th Dec 2019

I’m a little nervous before my breast reduction surgery

  While plastic surgery is certainly more in demand and popular than ever before, it is still surgery we are talking about nevertheless. Some patients come to the pre-operative consultation and mention they really want to undergo the procedure, but...