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12th Jan 2020

How to get a very natural look with breast implants

  While breast implant surgery is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures worldwide, we see fewer women with breasts that look like they were achieved with the help of surgery. A few decades ago we could easily spot...

11th Jan 2020

Weight considerations before getting a breast lift

  There are several factors that can have a significant influence on the aesthetics of our bodies. Among them are pregnancy and the natural passing of time, but also weight fluctuations. When it comes to the appearance of many features...

10th Jan 2020

Reasons not to postpone breast reduction surgery

  In a vast majority of cases, plastic surgery is performed for aesthetic purposes. In other words, these types of procedures are performed with the aim of improving the physical appearance of the patient, and this is the reason why...

09th Jan 2020

What happens to the fat transferred after bbl?

  The Brazilian butt lift, or BBL in short, is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures performed on the buttocks to enhance their appearance. It has seen a considerable rise in demand over the last years as it...

06th Jan 2020

The dangers of sun exposure after plastic surgery

The dangers of sun exposure after plastic surgery   Often it happens that after undergoing plastic surgery, the surgeon will give the patient certain recommendations to be followed by the letter. These instructions have the role of helping the patient...


Contouring the male anatomy with implants

  Plastic surgery no longer addresses just female patients. Nowadays more and more men resort to plastic surgery to enhance their bodies or correct physical imperfections. While a big booty is certainly a symbol of femininity and sex appeal, men...

04th Jan 2020

Getting to love your new post-op breasts

Getting to love your new post-op breasts   Breast augmentation with implants is among the most desired plastic surgery procedures performed worldwide. Women from all over the globe resort to this procedure to correct underdeveloped breasts and to get rid...

03rd Jan 2020

Going from an a cup to a c cup with plastic surgery

  One of the most popular questions we get from patients interested in undergoing breast augmentation surgery with implants is what size of implants to choose. And it is a legit question as the results of the procedure will greatly...