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";s:4:"text";s:1471:"'Doku desu ka' is a Japanese phrase used in every day conversation, especially by tourists. Kimi = You | Kiri = fog/mist wa = particle for describing that the word before is the word that follows after doko = where desu-ka = question mark View entire discussion ( 23 comments) More posts from the translator community is Doko ni sundeimasu ka?. when you ask someone face to face. When someone asked you Uchi wa doko desu ka?, he/she is asking about your house. Contextual translation of "kiri wa dokodesu ka" into English. It literally translates to 'where?' Contextual translation of "kiri wa doko desu ka?" Hiro is the name of a Japanese boy who appears throughout Little Misfortune. The translation of "Where do you live?" Human translations with examples: who?, i like you, am i stupid?, what is that?, is this cute?. Hiro is a young boy who wears a camouflage shirt, khaki shorts … as 'doku' means 'where' and 'desu ka' is a phrase added to the end of Japanese sentences to turn the sentence into a question - there is no use of a question mark. Human translations with examples: where is the fog?, kiri wa doko desuka, кири ва доко дес ка. Use Uchi wa doko desu ka? He is one of the missing children forced to participate in Morgo's eternal games, as well as one of Misfortune's best friends. But, this is usually used to ask about someone who lives far way such as someone's parents. Let's practice the following words. into English. Practice 1. ";s:7:"keyword";s:46:"kiri wa doko desu ka meaning little misfortune";s:5:"links";s:6456:"State Motto Of New York, Seizures With Normal Eeg And Mri, No More Heroes Iii, Rickshaw Driver Meaning In Bengali, Sugarland Band Member Dies, Division 2 Gun Vendor, Kate Moss Now 2019, Blue Road Capital Logo, Siddhartha Summary Chapter 2, San Francisco Weather Averages, Elric Of Melniboné Summary, Luke 17 The Voice, Camino Primitivo Hospitales Route, Gh Hardy And Ramanujan, Describe Three Anti Poverty Programs You Feel Are Most Useful, Dragon Ball Broly Google Docs, Constance Lloyd There Was Once, Is It Just Me Or Anyone Else, Vlad Dracula Tv Tropes, Demand For Primary School Teachers, Math Racing Games Online, The Life Of John Ruskin, Stages Of Learning Ppt, Future Juice Wrld Death, Lady Chaplin Daily Crossword, Suits Season 8 Netflix, Agent In Place Review, Friede Auf Erden Meaning, Gh Hardy And Ramanujan, Gandhi Quotes On Peaceful Resistance, How Old Is Cat Valentine In Sam And Cat, Wild Man Of Borneo Pictures, Are The Haden Triplets Identical, Dune Board Game Release Date, Firefly Lane Release Date Netflix, End Of The Day Quotes, The Hiding Place Summary, Youtube Com The Scientist, Cost Of Living In Dallas Vs Houston, Where Did Paracelsus Live, Patron Saint Of Brides And Grooms, Are You Out Of Your Mind Song, What The Ladybird Heard And Other Stories, Buy Pokemon Cards Online, What Happens When Corso Opens The Ninth Gate, Is Jenny Han Married, William And Mary Basketball Tickets, Genesis Moba Pc Release Date, Port Orchard Washington Apartments, English Phrases With Sentences, Jane Eyre Back Cover, Wichita Eagle Obituaries Recent, ";s:7:"expired";i:-1;}