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";s:4:"text";s:3489:"In any case, it's not as straightforward as "he was poisoned to death". Hazrat Khudeeja RAU. Wiki User January 10, 2014 1:24PM. First wife. She hired Muhammad as a business agent but soon came to see him as a suitable husband. After the events at khaybar, A Jewish women prepared poisoned meat for the Prophet (PBUH), of which he only tasted a morsel before warning the rest of his comrades. Zaynab bint Jahsh (Arabic: زينب بنت جحش ‎; c. 590–641) was a first cousin and wife of Muhammad and therefore considered by Muslims to be a Mother of the Believers. He is referred to by many appellations, including Messenger of Allah, The Prophet Muhammad, Allah's Apostle, Last Prophet of Islam, and others; there are also many variant spellings of Muhammad, such as Mohamet, Mahamad, Muhamad, and many others. But according to some others, he was not buried for three days after his death. She was the second wife Muhammad took after the death of his first wife. In Tarikh-al-Khamis, however, it is mentioned that Muhammad ikn Ishaq stated the following: "The Prophet died on Monday and was buried on the night of Wednesday." Historians believe Aisha may have been married to Muhammad as young as six or seven years of age and the marriage consummated at nine or ten. The issue of her age has often been a point of controversy, but child marriages were common in Bedouin societies at the time. Sahih al-Bukhari 4428. To this day, the story of the Prophet’s death brings tears to the eyes of Muslims and serves as a reminder of the core principles of the faith: only God is eternal and worthy of worship and Muhammad, while the example for all Muslims, was a prophet and a human being. In one account, he married Sawda in Shawwal, when Sawda was about 55 years old, in the tenth year of Prophethood, after the death of Khadija. Khadijah was the first wife of Prophet Muhammad, whom she met as a widow of a wealthy merchant but had become prosperous in her own right. Estimating his … At about the same period, Aisha was betrothed to him. Khadijah bint Khuwaylid (Arabic: خَدِيجَة ٱبْنَت خُوَيْلِد ‎, Khadījah ibnat Khuwaylid, born AD 555 – 22 November AD 619), commonly known as Khadija, was the first wife and first female follower of the Islamic prophet Muhammad.Khadijah was the daughter of Khuwaylid ibn Asad, a leader of Quraysh tribe in Mecca, and a successful businesswoman in her own right. The poisoned lamb "spoke" to him too late. He died as a result of eating poison that he didn't know about. Narrated 'Aisha: The Prophet in his ailment in which he died, used to say, "O 'Aisha! Much of her time was spent learning and acquiring knowledge of the Quran and the sunnah of Muhammad. She had previously been married to Muhammad's adopted son Zayd ibn Harithah As Sawda got older, and some time after Muhammad's marriage to Umm Salama, some sources claim that Muhammad wished to divorce Sawda. This appears to be more factual. I still feel the pain caused by the food I ate at Khaibar, and at this time, I feel as if my aorta is being cut from that poison." Which wife died during Prophet Muhammad's lifetime? The Prophet Muhammad was buried in Ayesha’s home where he had died, which is now part of the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina. Muhammad was not a real prophet, he was a false prophet. Related Questions. After Muhammad's death, which ended Aisha and Muhammad's 14-year-long marriage, Aisha lived fifty more years in and around Medina. 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