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";s:4:"text";s:2821:"(P2) Jim is not morally obligated to kill the one native himself. : Utilitarianism’s Moral Overburdening and Bernard Williams’ Critique Utilitarianism, at first, appears to be a rather uncontroversial ethical theory in that it bases its plausibility on its basic principle of maximizing human happiness. In “Utilitarianism For & Against,” Bernard Williams does a pretty good job of eviscerating the system most prominently advanced by Jeremy Bentham and John Stuart Mill. He rejected the codification of ethics into moral theories that views such as Kantianism and (above all) utilitarianism see as essential to philosophical thinking about ethics, arguing that our ethical life is too untidy to be captured by any systematic moral theory. Both he thinks comprise “morality”, a particular malformation of broader ethical thought. : Utilitarianism’s Moral Overburdening and Bernard Williams’ Critique Utilitarianism, at first, appears to be a rather uncontroversial ethical theory in that it bases its plausibility on its basic principle of maximizing human happiness. Williams’ central criticism of AU is that it attacks the integrity of agents.His critique is not intended to undermine rule-utilitarianism and other forms of consequentialism (e.g., perfectionist consequentism). Williams set out the case against utilitarianism – a consequentialist position the simplest version of which is that actions are right only insofar as they promote the greatest happiness of the greatest number – in Utilitarianism: For and Against (1973) with J. J. C. Smart. be Moral? Utilitarianism, For and Against D. P. DRYER, University of Toronto Utilitarianism, For and Against contains in a single volume a slightly revised version of An Outline of a System of Utilitarian Ethics which J. J. C. Smart published in 1961, together with a critique of it by Bernard Williams. Does Williams regard it as an advantage or a disadvantage of consequentialism? Utilitarianism And Bernard Williams ' Critique Of Utilitarianism 1915 Words | 8 Pages. be Moral? J. J. C. Smart, B. What does Williams mean by integrity, and how does he argue for his claim that utilitarianism constitutes an attack on one's integrity? Do … Williams’ Critique of Act-Utilitarianism. Two essays on utilitarianism, written from opposite points of view, by J. J. C. Smart and Bernard Williams. (C) Therefore, utilitarianism is not true. 5 Negative utilitarianism 28 6 Rightness and wrongness of actions 30 7 The place of rules in act-utilitarianism 42 8 Simple application of game-theory technique 57 9 Utilitarianism and the future 62 10 Utilitarianism and justic e 67 A critique of utilitarianism BERNARD WILLIAMS 1 Introductory 77 2 The structure of consequentialism 82 Defend your answer. 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