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";s:4:"text";s:2334:"Your dog loves boundaries and rules. The pet gets along with the toy, satisfies its needs. 1. Surely, hairballs afflict cats and cats alone? It's important therefore to find out the underlying cause for the blocked nasal passage so that the dog … While they are rare, dog hairballs do appear occasionally, and for a variety of reasons. • Not socializing with other dogs. Humpy terrier. A dog with a blocked nose will have trouble breathing through the nose. However, compared to those who love to play fetch, they’d rather keep the ball.Perhaps you are wondering why your dogs love the ball so much. This condition, also called phantom pregnancy or pseudopregnancy, is … Respiratory sounds such as snoring or snorting are signs of potential airway obstruction in dogs. When playing fetch, it’s up to you to set boundaries of what is acceptable behavior. The question, I admit, seems strange. Besides the unlimited amount of loving attention and food, most dogs will also love balls and the endless game of fetch.Even the breed of dogs who doesn’t like to play the game will be intrigued with the unique look of the ball. 4k 00:11 Dog makes funny sex with a toy. Find out the signs and symptoms of dog phantom pregnancies, how long they last, and how to help. Tips for Breaking Ball Obsession. Should I be worried? Is it a problem that my dog has only one testicle? A wide range of dogs, once fully vaccinated, neutered or spayed and for as long as they’re able to enjoy at least a leisurely walk. Legs hang joyfully. A toy is a soccer ball. Your female dog could show signs of pregnancy – even though she’s not! The Jolly Ball is the most popular and well-known hard herding ball out there, which is why it ruled the herding ball market for a long time. Can dogs get hairballs? Dear Dr. Barchas, My two-year-old Labrador only has one testicle. False pregnancy in dogs is a serious condition. Humping dog. Dogs that can benefit from more opportunities to socialize, release energy, and have appropriate behaviors encouraged and reinforced. Learn to recognize when your dog is going into an obsessive state. Its hard plastic makes it best suited for outdoor use, and it’s big enough that dogs can’t get it in their mouths. A ball-obsessed dog typically will not run or play with other dogs if a ball is in sight. 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