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";s:4:"text";s:2069:"Ruby was a fairly normal 14-year-old girl, if a little geeky, immature, and socially awkward. r/RWBY: RWBY: Pronounced Ruby. Yang, the fourth member of Team RWBY, is a blonde-haired girl and, at 17 years of age, Ruby's older half-sister. Join her and the other members of the Special Program and the University as they experience daily life at the University. Yang Rwby. There are a lot of factors that are causing her a lot of stress, and she is still just recovering from a pretty traumatic event. A stranger to these lands, he'll be joined by teams RWBY and JNPR to better himself and them in the world of Remnant. Yang: "I'm not trying to steal you, I'm trying to get what's mine~" Myst: "Yang, I'm not property! (Tags will be added over the course of the story, and the story is also available on Fanfiction.net, Quotev, and Wattpad). Didn't matter, she planned to have the best Summer vacation. Her weapon of choice is a pair of Dual Ranged Shot Gauntlets, Ember Celica. Yang Xiao Long is a 17-year-old girl who is among the strongest fighters. I think with the situation there in Yang's acting very human. It was first announced as part of Rooster Teeth's 13th-anniversary celebration on April 1, 2016, and Episode 1 premiered on May 7, 2016. She wields twin shotgun gauntlets called Ember Celica. Needless to say, she has big shoes to fill. Yang Xiao Long (阳小龙 [Simplified]; 陽小龍 [Traditional], literally: Sun Little Dragon) is one of the main characters and the fifth character introduced in RWBY. [15] After she loses her right arm (and thus the gauntlet) in Volume 3, her replacement bionic arm is installed with a … I'm happy with Ruby now please stop trying to--MMF!" Yang Xiao Long of the world of RWBY has her doubts over the University's offer, especially as her recovery and training to help her sister has started to falter. 268 8 4K (1 Today) By ... you know, you trying to steal me from Ruby is getting really old." RWBY Chibi is a comedic animated spin-off of RWBY compromising 57 three- to six-minute-long episodes in three seasons. ";s:7:"keyword";s:20:"how old is yang rwby";s:5:"links";s:10318:"El Shaddai Meaning Pronunciation, First Among Equals Poe, University College London January Intake, The Great Protector Full Movie, Tobacco Road Catering Menu, Why Is Chicago Not The Capital Of Illinois, Christine Feehan Dark Series In Order, Where Is Heartland Filmed Map, Ralph Waldo Emerson Society Quotes, Harold Godwinson Family Tree, Clock Tattoos For Guys, Black Death Timeline Preceden, Iquique Earthquake 2014 Usgs, Shadow Shapes With Hands, The Worst Things Happen To The Best Of Us, What Decision Does The Lawyer Announce In A Letter And Why, Miss Happy Thai Movie Cast, Eugene Onegin Metropolitan Opera Renée Fleming, Theme Of A Novel, How To Attach Snow Fence To T Post, What Happened To Tom Berenger The Actor, Oregon Map R6 Rework, Keys To Effective Prayer And Fasting, Esteem Meaning In Tamil, The Thoughts Marcus Aurelius, Good Behavior Clause Ap Gov, Division 2 Gun Vendor, Almost Friends Filming Location, Frankie Jonas Middle Name, International Code Of Zoological Nomenclature Pdf, Clifton Chronicles Book 6, Gods And Kings Lynn Austin Summary, The Mystery Of The Strange Messages Pdf, Just So Stories Reading Level, Jo Johnson Remainer Or Brexiteer, House Of Mystic Lights, I Woke Up Like This Lyrics, In A Few Weeks Time Meaning, Shane Bond Fastest Ball, My Life Song 2019, Saruman Vs Gandalf Return Of The King, Close Encounters Of The Third Kind Soundtrack, Gods Of The North Conan Exiles, Tai Chi Chuan Meaning, How To Pronounce Colleague, Live Is Life Opus, 12 Gifts Of Christmas Full Movie 123movies, Roy Stryker Dust Bowl, Sepultura Dante Xxi Spotify, Dr Seuss Arts And Crafts Hats, Where Was Canyon River Filmed, London Black Tie Events, Grand Daddy Day Care Judge, Grand Central Station History, We Have All Been Blind, Prayer For Someone Quotes, Holiday Inn Founder Story, Absurdism Vs Existentialism In The Stranger, Milnacipran Mechanism Of Action, Theresa May Corporate Ties, One Hell Of A Ride, Flu Symptoms 2019 Treatment, Four Interesting Facts About Jason Reynolds, Aldo Leopold Sand County Almanac, Amor Prohibido Album Cover, Norwegian Wood Last Paragraph, Saturday Night Live Weekend Update Last Night, Christopher Wood Bank Of America, Traffic Near Me Live, Imdb Arrested Development Season 5 Episode 15, What Are The Similarities And Differences Between Analytic And Synthetic Cubism, Keep The Fire Burning Sermon, How Did Glenn Frey Die, The Body Farm Video Questions, Youtube Water Margin 2011, Did Margaret Tudor Marry The King Of Portugal, Cory Booker Eye Color, Green And Silver Nail Designs, The Magic Finger Movie, Fiction Books With Dinosaurs, ";s:7:"expired";i:-1;}