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";s:4:"text";s:3732:"Troy Gregg, after being convicted in the lower Georgia Courts and sentenced to death, appealed his case to the Supreme Court. A jury imposed the death sentence on Gregg (Defendant), after finding him guilty on charges of armed robbery and murder. 74-6257. Argued March 31, 1976. Following the rulings in Gregg and the related cases, capital punishment resumed in 1977 in Utah. The Court claimed the statute did not constitute a "cruel and unusual" punishment and therefore did not violate the Eighth and Fourteenth amendments. Citation. ; The state Supreme Court affirmed the sentence for the murder conviction and Gregg … Four years later in Gregg v. Georgia (1976), the Court reaffirmed … Opinions Audio & Media. Decided July 2, 1976. I would set aside the death sentences imposed in those cases as violative of … Gregg v. Georgia held that Georgia's death penalty statute was constitutional. 74-6257, Gregg v. Georgia, No. Gregg claimed the sentence violated the Eighth and 14th Amendment of the Constitution. Four years later the case of Gregg v. Georgia (1976) reached the Court. Case summary for Gregg v. Georgia: Gregg was convicted of murder and sentenced to the death penalty under a Georgia state statute. Synopsis of Rule of Law. Appellant was sentenced to death for murder. 75-5706, Proffitt v. Florida, and No. 428 U.S. 153. Read more. 74-6257. The Court refused to do so. This case is one of the five "Death Penalty Cases" along with Jurek v. Texas, Roberts v. Louisiana, Proffitt v. Florida, and Woodson v. North Carolina. How to Brief a Case What to Expect in Class How to Outline How to Prepare for Exams 1L Course Overviews Study Tips and Helpful Hints . Troy Gregg had been found guilty of murder and armed robbery and sentenced to death. Gregg v. Georgia Case Brief - Rule of Law: Capital punishment does not violate the Eighth or Fourteenth amendments of the United States Constitution provided it is set forth in a carefully drafted statute that ensures the sentencing authority has adequate information and guidance in reaching its decision. No. No nationwide moratorium similar to Furman has been placed on it since then. The Legal Beat; Casebriefs > Search Results. 428 U.S. 153. Argued March 31, 1976. The Gregg v. Georgia case is historically and legally significant because it upheld the legality of the death penalty. Gregg v. Georgia Brief . Citation. 22 Ill.428 U.S. 153, 96 S. Ct. 2909, 49 L. Ed. Gregg v. Georgia Brief . 2d 859,1976 U.S. Brief Fact Summary. Gregg v. Georgia, 428 US 153 (1976) was the Supreme Court case which established that the death penalty, as long as it is applied appropriately, is constitutional and does not violate the 8 th and 14 th amendment.. Syllabus. I dissent from the judgments in No. No nationwide moratorium similar to Furman has been placed on it since then. Read more. 75-5394, Jurek v. Texas, insofar as each upholds the death sentences challenged in those cases. He asked the Court to go further than it had in the Furman case, and rule the death penalty itself unconstitutional. A summary and case brief of Gregg v. Georgia, 428 U.S. 153 (1976), including the facts, issue, rule of law, holding and reasoning, key terms, and concurrences and dissents. 428 U.S. 153,96 S. Ct. 2909, 49 L. Ed. Syllabus; Case; U.S. Supreme Court Gregg v. Georgia, 428 U.S. 153 (1976) Gregg v. Georgia. Gregg v. Georgia (1976) Summary In 1972, the Supreme Court ruled that the death penalty systems then in place were unconstitutional violations of the Eighth Amendment’s prohibition on “cruel and unusual” punishments. In response to the decision many states changed their death penalty systems. 2d 859 (1976) Brief Fact Summary. Search Results. Summary. Syllabus. 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