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";s:4:"text";s:2168:"Caveat; you may have to be looking from the right angle and/or be able to see beyond the obvious. Posted Apr 07, 2014 Yep, that's right. Explanation for the 'hide in plain sight' phrase in the Phrases.com dictionary. What does the 'hide in plain sight' phrase mean? Just because it may be hard for you to see it doesn't mean it isn't in plain sight. Prudence prevents me from saying where. Hide in Plain Sight is a 1980 American drama film directed by and starring James Caan with storyline based on an actual case from the files of New York attorney Salvatore R. Martoche who represented, Tom Leonard, a real-life Buffalo, New York, victim who had sued to recover contact with his children estranged by the culpability of the new husband and government. If a person wants to hide in plain sight all they need do is to act normally. For example: If a spy is on the run and is being chased the best thing to do is to find a crowd and then hide in that crowd by acting like everybody else in the crowd. Camouflage or hiding in the plain sight has always been around in one form or another. I have satisfied myself that she is alive, and apparently well, and hiding in plain sight. I'm actually pretty tall, awkward, and loud. Clearly visible, not hidden. hidden-in-plain-sight definition: Adjective (not comparable) 1. How Successful Predators Hide in Plain Sight The truly clever are closer than they appear. the phrase is "Social Stealth" This is exemplified, although highly exaggerated in the popular game Assassin's Creed, where you can "blend in" with a crowd to avoid being detected. Easy to see. I'm going to take a second to climb down from my high horse to teach you how to become invisible. hide in plain sight (third-person singular simple present hides, present participle hiding, simple past and past participle hidden) To be unnoticeable, by staying visible in a setting that masks presence. Definitions, usage examples and translations inside. This leads me to believe that if I can hide in plain sight, anyone can! Here's the thing—I am by no means talented or shifty or inconspicuous. To hide in plain sight is to just blend in to the surroundings. ";s:7:"keyword";s:27:"hide in plain sight meaning";s:5:"links";s:5954:"Walnut Creek Ohio Events, Best Books On Abolitionists, How Old Was Bill Paxton When He Died, What Camera Did Roger Fenton Use, Tell Me And I Forget Quote Investigator, Feathered Masquerade Ball Masks, Destiny 2 Grandmaster Nightfall, William Morris Wallpaper Samples, This Poison Will Remain, An Imbalance Of Neurotransmitters Chemical Messengers In The Brain, Bear Came Along Publisher, Rhinestone Cowboy Chords Capo, Uses Of Gas Stove, The Collar Poem Line By Line Analysis, Lord Of The Rings Audiobook Archive, How To Pronounce Leisure, Michael Che Wife Leslie, Stray Dog 1949 Trailer, Nothing Lasts Forever Lyrics Transit, Tarif Restaurant Jules Verne, Cold In July Netflix, Best Resort In Lanzarote For Couples, Rush Limbaugh Send Message, Essay On Prithvi Narayan Shah In Nepali Language, The Summer House Nantucket, Interior Designer Job Description, The Forgotten Room 1 Walkthrough, Financial Dashboard Excel Template, How To File A Written Answer With The Court In Texas, And Then There Were None 2015 Kickass, Watchmen Recap Episode 7, Alan Jackson Gospel Cd As Seen On Tv, A Walk In The Park, Desert Sands Unified School District Salary Schedule, Stephen King Font Generator, Utah Weather Year Round, Brujo New Riders Of The Purple Sage, Michael Rosen Memes Chocolate Cake, The Cat Meme On Facebook, Kimoto Gastro Bar Menu, Yellow Acrylic Nails With Design, Watch In The Flesh, Goodreads Year Of The Locust, Quicksand Netflix Season 2, Li Yitong Drama List, A Fighting Season Rotten Tomatoes, ";s:7:"expired";i:-1;}