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";s:4:"text";s:2690:"What happened during Tolkien's Second Age of Middle-earth that has led the creative minds at Amazon to explore this era during their Lord of the Rings series? Recent social media postings by Amazon about their forthcoming series The Lord of the Rings have revealed that the show will be likely be set during The Second Age, a time period thousands of years before the events in The Lord of the Rings trilogy and will probably feature the Atlantean island of Númenor. Sauron poisoned the king of Númenor's, Ar-Pharazon, mind after he became obsessed with eternal life. Second Age. The Second Age is characterized by the establishment and flourishing of Númenor, the rise of Sauron in Middle-earth, the creation of the Rings of Power and the Ringwraiths, and the early wars of the Rings between Sauron and the Elves. It ended with Sauron's defeat by … We can't wait!!! Beginning in about the 584th year since the Return of the Noldor to Middle-earth, the Second Age is the longest of the chronicled Ages. This is the setting of Amazon's Lord of the Rings prequel series. The Second Age is defined by key events like the rise and fall of the kingdom of Númenor, the creation of the Rings of Power and the formation of the Last Alliance that temporarily saved the world from Sauron's wrath. Amazon teases Lord of the Rings series set in the Second Age Stories about Númenor, the forging of the One Ring, and more could be depicted in the show . Then maybe the catastrophe which changed the shape of lands and seas could have been during the Fourth Age but long before the end, just as the Second Age lasted over a century after the Fall of Numenor. Númenor was magically raised from the sea and given to the race of Men. It began after the destruction of Beleriand in the War of Wrath, the founding of Lindon and the creation of Numenor. Tolkien states that in the beginning, the Númenoreans were granted a lifespan "thrice that of lesser men". During the Second Age, Men would sail to Middle Earth and later started to grow to power, only to have Sauron start to gain power over the area too. True to those words, the new map reveals Numenor, which sunk beneath the ocean near the end of the Second Age. But if each age was about 3,000 years long the Fourth Age would have ended about 1000 BC which is too recent for world changing catastrophes. by Ben Kaye. Let's dive in. It began after … !We discussed the big news about the subject matter of Amazon's upcoming LOTR / Middle-earth TV show! The Second Age… Numenor, here we come!! Posted by … Beginning in about 584th year since the Return of the Noldor to Middle-Earth, the Second Age is the longest of the chronicled Ages. 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