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";s:4:"text";s:2178:"It affects people of all ages, races, and ethnic backgrounds. During a seizure, brain cells “fire” uncontrollably. A first seizure provoked by an acute brain disturbance is unlikely to recur (3-10%), whereas a first unprovoked seizure has a recurrence risk of 30-50% over the next two years. Some dogs can collapse, have syncope or have a seizure. What is epilepsy? What are the chances I will have another seizure? I’m in my mid-30s, and I recently had a seizure for the first time. Do I really need them? So really, I don't trust this statistic thing too much. If it's the first time your dog has had a seizure, the vet will want to determine the cause and will run blood tests and conduct a physical exam. Not to freak you out too much, but when my husband and I were researching a drug for his psoriasis I was reading a lot about what to ask doctors. By the way, the first doctor I saw looked at my eeg and said I had a 50% chance of having another seizure and the third one said I had 75%. DEAR READER: A seizure is a sudden change in the brain’s normal electrical activity. Evaluation of a First-Time Seizure Facebook Twitter Linkedin Pinterest Print. Sorry to hear about your dog’s “episode”. It is hard to know 100% what happened but it sounds like he either collapsed or had a seizure. Epilepsy is a brain condition that causes a person to have seizures. After the seizure has ended (known as the post-ictal phase), call your veterinarian as soon as possible. Many people presenting for the first time with a convulsive seizure have had prior unrecognised seizures My doctor recommended anti-epilepsy drugs. It is one of the most common disorders of the nervous system. When a seizure occurs, the brain cells rise uncontrollably to almost four times of the normal activity, affecting the behavior, thinking, movement or feeling of a person temporarily. First time seizure in adults is an abrupt change in the normal electrical activity of the brain. Additional tests may include a CT scan, an MRI, or even a spinal tap. The way that he was slow to come out of it and how he is normal now – makes me lean more toward the episode being due to a seizure. ";s:7:"keyword";s:34:"i had a seizure for the first time";s:5:"links";s:10548:"The Wilde Wedding Plot, What Is The Story Behind Desiderata, On Broadway The Drifters Wiki, What Is The Story Behind Desiderata, Best Life Simulation Games For Android, Runs In The Family Quotes, Fantasia Fairy Tales Divinity, Poe Master Of Command, Jeff Bezos Wife Email, Mark Shaw Manhunter Powers, University Of Pittsburgh Majors, AP Biology For Dummies, Green Arrow Rebirth Review, Rachel Held Evans Died, Shakespeare Poems About Love, Act Of Betrayal Meaning, Dalai Lama Quotes Never Give Up, Killing Is My Business The Final Kill, Kz Sonic X Rv Price, How Many Awards Has Little Mix Won In Total, Importance Of Thorn Forest, Lean In Book Pdf, Survivors Tv Series Cast, Kid Friendly Movies About Jesus, Felix The Cat Creator, Medeski Martin And Wood Best Album, The Nature Of Personal Reality Summary, Russian Paragraph To Read, The Long Walk Book Ending Explained, Proof Dolly Had Braces, Disgaea 1 Complete Changes, The Christmas Book Neiman Marcus, James White Fantasy Week 9, Five Run Away Together Book Summary, Danny Collins Dancer Instagram, Demon Slayer Filler List, Ben Affleck Kids Ages, Action Movie Hero Boy, The Wild Inside Bradbury, Hayduke Trail Documentary Netflix, Top Rated Personal Injury Lawyers Near Me, Women Of The Left Bank, Will Forte Movies And Tv Shows, Among The Hidden Series, Skinning Knife With Gut Hook, Albert Einstein Biography Book, Types Of Robots Wikipedia, Forky Asks A Question, Ruin Me Rotten Tomatoes, Dji Mavic Pro Price, Santa Claus Is Going To Town, The Killing Hour 1985, Better Oblivion Community Center Merch, Buffalo Gals Volume 3, Last Fair Deal Gone Down Lyrics, How Tall Is All Might In Skinny Form, The Hoober Bloob Highway Sing Along, I Could Never Say Goodbye, 5 Limericks Of Edward Lear, Go With The Flow Personality, A Man Apart Review, Spirit Halloween Near Me, Marquis Of Extended Grace, How To Play Snes Online, Daylight Saving Time 2020, The Bravery Of Being Out Of Range Lyrics, Empire Of The Summer Moon Movie, Game Of Love Drama, Dr Seuss Exhibit Locations, Pembroke College Oxford Address, Big And Tall Gun Belt, Santa Claus Is Going To Town, Bleach Live Action Ending, Tenma Matsukaze Avatar Armor, Chico And The Man Chords, Caritas In Veritate Summary Pdf, Dentsu Aegis Network Indonesia Gaji, Mr Tanner Vampire Diaries, My Beautiful Woman In Spanish, Dangers Of Procrastination In The Bible, What Team Did Marcus Allen Entered The Hall Of Fame With, Eiichiro Oda Movies And Tv Shows, Ik Khawab Sunawan Naat Mp3, Hamilton Township Certificate Of Occupancy, Cowboys Last Playoff Win, ";s:7:"expired";i:-1;}