2 Benefits 1 procedure: Breast lift with implants

24 June 2019 / / Blog,Breast lift with implant

2 Benefits 1 procedure: Breast lift with implants


Nowadays it is getting more and more popular for patients to resort to combined plastic surgery procedures to achieve their aesthetic goals and correct multiple imperfections of the body at the same time. Combining plastic surgery procedures has several benefits; probably the most important are decreased costs, having just one recovery period, and achieving a more significant level of aesthetic improvement. This is the reason why it is common nowadays to have a tummy tuck performed with liposuction, a butt augmentation with fat transfer, and even a breast lift with implants.

The breast lift is recommended to be performed at the same time with a breast augmentation with implants for patients who present breast ptosis and also want to have the size of their breasts increased. These combined procedures can deliver spectacular results when performed by a talented and experienced board-certified plastic surgeon. Moreover, it is safe to have these procedures performed in the same sitting.

When breast implants are inserted at the same time that the breast lift procedure is performed, the plastic surgeon will use the same incisions to create the pocket for the implants and introduce the implants inside the breasts. This means that there is no need for additional incisions to be created. The benefits achieved with the procedure are bigger, rounder breasts that are also perkier. Two benefits achieved with one procedure, but multiple other advantages.

People wanting to have a breast lift with implants are often concerned about the risks, and whether is it recommended to have the procedures done separately or in one session. Each procedure has its risks and potential complications, but it is also true that some of the risks are common, such as the risk of wound opening or developing an infection. By having the procedures performed in combination, the risks are not increased, but they are actually split in half compared to when you have the breast lift performed separately and followed by a breast implant surgery months or years later. The recommendation is to have the procedures combined and performed at once as the advantages often outweigh the cons.

The breast lift with implants is popular nowadays, and it is often performed with the patient under a general anesthesia as the procedure can last up to two hours, depending on the complexity and special characteristics of each case. The patient is advised to take two weeks off from work for the recovery period and to avoid intense physical exercises and sports for at least two months after the procedure. Make sure to schedule your follow-up consultations for the first year post-op to allow him to monitor your healing and cicatrization process to help you avoid unwanted complications.


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