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The natural history of breast augmentation

The natural history of breast augmentation

In these serious pictures of one patient who has breast augmentation, I want to show you how the breast implant essentially progress from the day of surgery all the way to when the patient has recovered. Many times when you perform this procedure, the breast implants tend to ride high and you going to feel like you breasts are distorted, it feels tight, the breast does not look round, and it looks misshaped so in this first picture you see that after the first week of the breast augmentation noted how the breast looks very full. It looks unnatural and not very round and the relationship between the implant and the breast is not what is supposed to be. On week #2, notice that the breasts is getting better. The breast is settling. The skin is stretching. The swelling is going down and the shape of the breast is much better than the first week. At four weeks the breast should start to look pretty normal as a matter of fact many times after the swelling the breast shrinks a little bit and the soft tissue dynamic are beginning to improve. The implant has almost settled. The breasts are looking very round and the shape starts looking more natural. You would notice that the first week things are not going to look the way you want it but rest assured that following your surgeon’s recommendations the breasts are going to settle where they belong and you are going to be happy with the results.




July 28, 2016




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