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Breast lift areola

Breast lift areola

If you have developed some sort of sagginess and it is minor, meaning that the nipple-areolar complex is low on the breast, a minor breast lift or a periareolar breast lift may be the solution for you. When it comes to breast lifting, I analyze the location of the nipple as it relates to the breast mound. If the nipple is not in the right place, then a breast lift will be necessary. You can combine a breast lift with an augmentation or do a breast lift without implants. Either way, the techniques used to lift the breasts are very similar,using the same principles that apply to any given breast surgery. The periareolar breast lift results in a scar that is just around the areola. The incision is placed and the area of excess skin to be removed is marked with a bigger circle. If you need an implant, it can be placed through the same incision to provide some volume to the breast while at the same time lifting the breast through the periareolar approach.
I like this technique a lot when I can use it, because it limits the length of the scar necessary to lift your breast. The problem is that it is not a technique that works for every single patient. You need to have only minor sagginess in order to be a candidate for this procedure. If you need more fullness on the top because it has diminished due to time,pregnancy, or other factors, the periareolar lift might not be the best solution for you. A breast lift without an implant through a periareolar approach will not provide fullness in the upper part of the breast at all. We just relocate the nipple-areolar complex to where it belongs. If you want to have fullness on the top of the breast, you are going to need to use a breast implant to get the best result possible.
The periareolar breast lift is a technique that you should consider in the event that you have minor breast sagginess. The scars are around the areola and are placed at the boundary between the dark areola and the lighter-colored skin. The scar tends to heal well, and it does not cause any issues when it comes to the aesthetics of the breast. But,remember, you cannot choose a particular technique to enhance your breasts. Your breasts and your anatomy at the end of the day will determine the most indicated procedure to provide you with the best result.




August 6, 2016




Breast Lift

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