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Breast augmentation results

Breast augmentation results

When choosing your breast implants, you have to determine first how you want your breasts to look. Do you want them to look more unnatural and very full, or more natural? Once you have determined how you want your breasts to look, then we have to assess if that look is possible, based on your skin tone and anatomy. Let us assume that you have poor skin tone, even if you have absolutely no sagginess. If you have poor skin tone, it is impossible to get a very high implant look, because your skin will not hold the implant in that position in the long run. If you have poor or loose skin tone, what is going to happen is that when the implant is placed, the skin is going to stretch. Skin that has lost its elasticity tends to give and stretch more when an implant is placed. If you insert a big implant to achieve a fuller look, the skin is going to stretch significantly and the implant is going to settle more than you want. In other words, ultimately, your breasts will have a more natural look than a fake look.
You need to realize that when it comes to breast augmentation, the look of your breast is largely determined by your anatomy itself, regardless of which implant size you choose. The looser your skin, the more natural your breasts are going to look once the surgery is finished and your breasts have settled. The tighter the skin, the fuller the breast is going to look, regardless of the implant size that was chosen. Understanding the soft tissue dynamic of the breast when it comes to breast augmentations is essential for you to understand how your breasts are going to look after the surgery.




August 6, 2016




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