Breast augmentation cleavage

24 December 2017 / / Wonder Breast Channel

It is a natural thing that people have body imperfections. Whether you like it or not, you cannot have it all. Most of the time, women cannot have a natural hourglass body. Some women cannot accept this that’s why they find ways to satisfy their aesthetic needs, even if it requires them to undergo surgical procedures. It is not a bad thing to go through these interventions but keep in mind that not all flaws can be corrected by surgeries. Still, surgical interventions have limitations. The results of the procedures will also depend on your anatomy.

You cannot force the surgeon to achieve your desired results because it may lead to complications and unnatural look. Just like in breast augmentation, you cannot have a bigger implant if it is not possible with the anatomy you have. But aside from the implant size, one of the concerns of women is having a large gap between their breasts. Some patients want to undergo breast augmentation because they want to have the appearance of cleavage. Some women have an extremely large gap between the breasts.

The said gap between the breasts has nothing to do with the surgeon and everything has to do with the patient’s anatomy. Most of the time, the origin of the breast starts significantly away from the midline, and when you insert an implant, it is placed at the center of the breast, from the origin of the breast all the way to the lateral fold of the breast. The surgeon cannot cut away your whole breast and move it to the side so you can have cleavage after surgery. You need to understand the limitations of surgery. If a surgeon attempts to detach the origin of the pectoralis major muscle in those patients with a large gap, this can create a problem that will be very difficult to correct.

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