Why were these images controversial? Witness to History: Roger Fenton’s Photographs of the Crimean War. So I started doing portraits for different magazines — a lot for The New Yorker with this camera. He didn’t focus on the fighting as images of the dead and wounded would have offended his intended customers. Lady Elizabeth Butler (1846 – 1933) was one of the greatest military painters of all time and she was hardly uncritical of the Crimean War. Roger Fenton was born in Lancashire County England on March 28, 1819. (119-121) Roger Fenton’s Photographic Van. There is much conjecture about how and where Fenton … Queen Victoria, who had sat before Fenton’s camera with her husband Prince Albert, recommended that the photographer be sent to the Crimea to create a visual record of Britain’s war effort there. Some stunning photographic history focussing on the 1850s when the Crimean War took place. With this varied body of work, Fenton was one of early photography's greatest pioneers and advocates. Perhaps the first war photographer was a British artist, Roger Fenton, who managed to transport cumbersome photographic equipment to the battlefront of the Crimean War. If the collodion dried before being exposed to light, the plate was unusable. Instead he photographed the port of Balaklava, the camps and officers of the British and French armies, and the Zouaves, Turks, and Croats. Their specialty was the mass production of stereoscopic photographs. I was looking for a subject, so I did a book on twins with the 20×24. A comparison between the military paintings of the day and the photographs of Fenton immediately shows the lack of drama, excitement, danger and dash in his photographs. In the annals of war photography, Roger Fenton stands with Mathew Brady, Alexander Gardener, and James Robertson as one of the pioneering spirits. Manufactures a Stereoscopic Camera that will fit in a man or lady’s pocket. Large landholdings, a banking enterprise, and other commercial ventures allowed Fenton the freedom to pursue his own personal interests. Fenton was the first to use photography to document war. In what way did the camera "serve as a relief" for Margaret Bourke-White as she photographed at Buchenwald? Nottage began the London Stereoscopic Company, in 1854. After a privileged childhood, Mr. Fenton attended London’s University College where he studied mathematics and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1840. Which photographic process did he use? Roger Fenton was a famous Victorian photographer whose documentary photographs of the Crimea War are considered the oldest known… (79-81) - Maxime Du Camp ... What was the title of the pictures Roger Fenton made of a field strewn with cannonballs? In only a decade, Roger Fenton explored the camera's full range of possibilities—from picturesque landscapes and lush still lifes to war photography and Orientalist fantasies. THE CAMERA AS A WEAPON The Role of The War Photographer Presented by: Fred ... • History of War Photography • The Use of Art to Depict War • The First Use of the Camera in War • Propaganda During WWII • Photography in the U.S. Army • Notable ... • Roger Fenton • Civil WarWar – Matthew Brady Fi tFirst WldWorld War A blog post at "Picture This: Library of Congress Prints & Photos" on 2017-03-23. What do roger fenton and mathew brady have in common? Roger Fenton was born in 1819 into a family of comfortable means. "Fenton had played a pivotal role—by advocacy and example—in demonstrating that photography could rival drawing and painting not only as a means of conveying information, but also as a medium of visual delight and powerful expression."