What is the Greek Orthodox Church? Orthodox Christians use the same Bible as Catholics, Protestants, and most other Christian denominations. The Greek of the day was the most common language used. Dave D mentions an 81-book Bible, but that is found only in one of the Oriental Orthodox Churches, which is separate from the Eastern Orthodox Church. Answer Save. For many years now the Hellenic Bible Society has been steadily building a strong relationship with the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America and in Greece, along with the American Bible Society. 5 Answers. ... Bible-believing Christians do not consider any other writings or revelations equal to the 66 books of the Bible. Many Greek Orthodox Churches conduct their Sunday service, called a Divine Liturgy, in Greek, which is a problem for anyone who does not speak Greek. I'm just wondering. Do they believe in the Bible? The Eastern Orthodox Church includes several churches, and those churches do NOT all use the same Bibles. Hellenic Bible Society has a very old history, with roots beginning before the Greek Revolution of 1821. Short answer: if you want a specifically Orthodox Bible in English, try the Orthodox Study Bible or the Eastern Orthodox Bible. In this fluid approach the Eastern Orthodox are very similar to ancient Judaism. For example, in the Greek Orthodox … non-Orthodox) may use some other text, to my knowledge the Greek New Testament text used within the Church is the 1904 Patriarchal Text.It is very close to the so-called "Majority Text". In addition to this, there is the fact that Greek Orthodox Churches (especially) have a more fluid (less formal or legalistic) notion of how the idea of a "canonical book" should be applied. Asked in The Bible , Mormonism , Bible Statistics and History The present Coptic pope is Pope Tawadros II. Other Orthodox Churches, including the Greek Orthodox, use the term Patriarch. Update: I mean what English translation do they use? What do the members of this faith believe? Can you tell me about the Greek Orthodox Church? For example, some Eastern Orthodox Churches do not read from the book of Revelation at divine liturgy. Greek New Testament Bible Search. Do they believe Jesus is the Savior of all mankind? The majority of Greek-speaking Christians (Greece, Turkey, Cyprus and the diaspora) belong to the Orthodox Church. This publication is not an official text of the Eastern Orthodox Church With the division between Greek Orthodox and Rome, Latin became the official language for translation in Roman Catholicism. It remained Greek for the Greek Orthodox. While some sectarians (i.e. So Greek Orthodox Christians use what is available, primarily King James and the Revised Standard Version. An Orthodox View of the Virgin Mary. If one wishes to study the Scriptures, one of the most important things that he must do is to acquire a good translation of the text, unless he just happens to know Biblical Hebrew, and Koine Greek. The Latin 'Vulgate' was the Bible of Western Church scholars and had a 1,000 year history. Especially nowadays, when it seems there is a new translation or study Bible that is published each year, it is not a simple choice to make. Greek Orthodox Christianity: The Greek Orthodox denomination of Christianity began many centuries ago in the Byzantine Empire. I've seen in the Bible where the Greeks are mentioned. Were they considered to be "good people"? Hence they would not call it canonical, but they would still consider it to be divinely inspired and morally binding. To be more specific: those churches do NOT include all of the same books in their Bibles. What Bible translation do orthodox Christians use? The RSV is particularly useful because there is an edition, called the Common Bible, which includes the Anaginoskoinena books, both the Catholic "deutero-canonicals" and books only accepted by the Orthodox Church. The Orthodox Study Bible (OSB) is an Eastern Orthodox study Bible published by Thomas Nelson.It features an English translation of the St. Athanasius Academy Septuagint for the Old Testament and utilizes the New King James Version for the New Testament. A Protestant preacher recently said that devotion to the Mother of God is the cause of all bad in the world, since she was not a virgin after she gave birth to Christ and was just another woman. Greek Orthodox Churches. An Orthodox Look at English Translations of the Bible By Fr. John Whiteford If one wishes to study the Scriptures, one of the most important things that he must do is to acquire a good translation of the text… unless he just happens to know Biblical Hebrew, and Koine Greek. The New King James Version comes closest to doing the latter, which is why the Orthodox Study Bible basically copies the New King James Version's New Testament. What are some of the key points? What bible does the Greek Orthodox Church use? Most Bible search tools of the Koine Greek New Testament utilize a critical edition that does not reflect accurately the living text of the New Testament in Koine Greek used liturgically by the Greek Orthodox Church.
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