And, despite the hands that reached out to keep him from being swept away, they couldn't keep him from the abyss of his own dark thoughts. He heard the girl, Monica, whimpering, probably dreaming about what happened. Well, either dead or dying, the theory goes. He'd tried. A 2013 fan theory that Sandy was really dead during the entirety of 'Grease' has gone viral once again after Sarah Michelle Gellar reminded everyone about it. Thomas and her husband,Danny Ray Thomas, filed for divorce in 2012, but it was never finalized, according to the Chronicle. She was raped. There’s a dark theory going around that Danny and Sandy were actually dead when they sang all those classic tunes in Grease. Drowning. With Paul Newman, Edward Asner, Ken Wahl, Danny Aiello. In New York, South Bronx's main police precinct is nicknamed Fort Apache by its employees who feel like troopers surrounded by hostiles in a wild west isolated outpost. At least four versions of the script came and went. Directed by Daniel Petrie. Drowning Crime , Drama , Horror | 15 March 2017 (USA) A mentally-ill psychiatrist, refusing to take her medications while on leave for the death of her daughter, returns to work with her police detective ex-husband on a serial-torturer case. “Danny had ideas and the ideas didn’t work out, and that was just the way it was,” Craig said. He remembered dreaming about drowning after he came back. Sometimes it was a tidal wave; a wall of water that crashed over his head to tumble him into darkness. It must've been worse for her. Moreover, it was only her second feature since her striking debut, … Jason wanted to rip that bastard's head off. JULIA STILES AND JOSH CHARLES IN "THE DROWNING" MAY 8, 2017 BY DANNY PEARY. There was no way to hold it back. Danny Peary Talks To… ‘The Drowning’ Director Bette Gordon (from Jason watched him leave. He'd struggle against its force. Thomas is behind bars in a three-year PCP possession sentence. He'd hold his breath for as long as he could but it was never long enough. But his blood belonged to Monica. Danny and Jason's 'relationship' as brothers-in-law deteriorated after Mat got killed. In 2009, I was excited about the theatrical release Handsome Harry because it was director Bette Gordon’s first film since Luminous Motion back in 2000.