When a Southern belle’s marriage fails and she starts up an inappropriate relationship with her first cousin, they leave a blood trail that crosses several states. Join her as she shows you just how southern fried the justice system can be in the Deep South. Life in picturesque southern towns is quiet and peaceful - until murder strikes. It’s a spoon full of good ole days mixed with an ounce of present. Listen to Southern Fried True Crime episodes free, on demand. Erica Kelley is a native Tennessean exploring historical and contemporary true crime in the South. With a lack of evidence, police are stumped. ItÕs a race against time to find out what happened to these two southern belles. Bitter Blood: A True Story of Southern Family Pride, Madness, and Multiple Murder (1988) is a non-fiction crime tragedy written by American author Jerry Bledsoe … Shanna Forrestall. (Silver Spring, Md.) – Across the Deep South, heat, humidity and darn good hiding places provide a perfect backdrop for dark, despicable deeds. Southern charm is attempted but southern sass is bountiful. Herself - Host / Narrator / Herself - Narrator (16 episodes, 2013-2014) When multiple young co-eds are found strangled in their homes, police fear a serial killer is on the loose; corruption and political power spiral out of control when a local sheriff's election turns deadly; and a juicy scandal unfolds when a former mayor is left for dead in his own driveway. Two women mysteriously disappear in Lafayette, LA 13 years apart from each other. And when a Pastor and his family move to town all seems perfect, but you never do know what takes place behind closed doors. Until then, Lafayette will never be the same. Being Southern Fried, is combining a pinch of country and a dash of country club, the perfect blend of coastal days and dirt road nights. Add rustic and grit with refined comfort. There’s Southern, then there’s Southern Fried… The Southern Fried Brands represent the Southern Fried lifestyle. Southern Fried Homicide probes the juiciest stories from down in the Bible Belt.
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