The show stars Edie Falco as the title character Jackie Peyton, an emergency department nurse at All Saints' Hospital in New York City. Nurse Jackie Season 8 Updates: Will The Show Return? It premiered on Showtime on June 8, 2009. The cable channel has announced that the upcoming seventh season will be the show’s last. Edie Falco, who plays Nurse Jackie said she “trust that it’s time to walk away”. Nurse Jackie is an American medical comedy-drama series. The show ended on an ambiguous note so what's the prognosis for Nurse Jackie season 8? Nurse Jackie, an American medical comedy-drama series created by Evan Dunsky, Liz … Showtime’s Nurse Jackie Season 8 will not be happening. It wrapped up with its finale on June 28, 2015. The Showtime series came to an end in 2015. If you haven't watched the episode and don't wish to know what happens, stop reading now. Nurse Jackie 7th season will be the final season: 2014-09-24: thepoperope: discuss: SHO_PR … The show's seventh and final season premiered on April 12, 2015. Get Nurse Jackie DVD and Blu-ray release date, movie poster and movie stats. The seventh season will be the final season for the pill slinging,lying, cheating, self destructive Nurse Jackie. The concluding episode is highly emotional and is packed with great as well as mixed reviews. ‘Nurse Jackie’ Season 7 premiered on Showtime on April 12, 2015. There won’t be an eighth season for Nurse Jackie on Showtime. Nurse Jackie Season 8 Release Date: Is it Happening? NOTE: This story contains spoilers. The series finale aired on June 28, 2015. Set in New York City, Jackie Peyton is an ER nurse at All Saint's Hospital struggling to balance the fast pace of her job with raising a family.