Little French Key & Sloth Encounter. Little French Key is a nice spot in Roatan with beaches, restaurants, and little shops. This private island has a lot to offer to its visitors. Enjoy your day at Little French Key, a private island surrounded by multiple small beaches and beautiful turquoise water. Children ages 0-2 are free. G-d Bless Management Team at Little French Key and Frenchy's 44 I have saved a beautiful animal. Most recent posting fro Little French Key and their animal rescue mission "As of one week ago, June 7th 2014. It's a great place to just walk around, eat, and take a dip. The park is located within close proximity to Little French Key. Island’s position is near perfect, surrounded by shallow, crystal clear water that will leave nobody indifferent. There was a traveling circus that came by my town and had several badly mistreated animals. Little French Key Packages — Little French Key. It's a great place to just walk around, eat, and take a dip. Enjoy this private Island with a visit to a wildlife park where you will be able to interact with white faced capuchin monkeys, three toed sloths and tropical birds. CODES (10 days ago) Children ages 3-11 receive 50% discount. Only one discount applies per person - the greater discount will be applied for any package/per person. Once there he is as happy as he can be and nobody is forcing him to swim, he truly enjoys it...the only sores we see are in the eyes of those not wishing us and our animal rescue efforts well and only abuse here is abuse of Tripadvisor fourm to post this ridiculous review. 1/15. This package offers you a chance to get up close and personal with mini pigs for a fun interaction under the sun. The Little French key has a few sandy beaches, a lot of bars and a swim-up bar in the Caribbean Sea, 3 restaurants, of which two are on the water and 2 jump platforms.