Saya suka endingnya nyaris tanpa keluhan, meski ada sedikit celah agar dapat membandingkannya dengan ending Goblin lewat penggunaan buku catatan sebagai hal krusial dalam hubungan masing-masing pasangan. If you leave me or this world,… Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 15 Recap After dinner Sim Chung (Gianna Jun) leads Joon Jae (Lee Min Ho) to another room She THINKS "my heart only beats if you love me. Inspired by a classic Joseon legend from Korea's first collection of unofficial historical tales, about a fisherman who captured and kidnapped a mermaid, this drama tells the love story between the son of a Joseon noble family named Kim Dam Ryung (Lee Min Ho) and a mermaid he named Se Hwa (Jun Ji … EPISODE 13 RECAP. Legend of the Blue Sea: Episode 18 by javabeans. [OSEN = Reporter Kang Seo Jeong] SBS Wednesday-Thursday Drama "Legend of the Blue Sea" will air its last episode soon this Wednesday, and viewer's attention is focused on what kind of ending will Lee Min Ho and Jeon Ji Hyun had, whether they are able to change their fate, without repeating their sad love story in the past. Agaknya, legend of the blue sea tak akan berbeda jauh karena style penulisnya sama. Salah sendiri saya membayang-bayangi drama ini dengan Goblin. Penulis Korea banyak yang takut didemo netizen karena membuat akhir sad ending pada dramanya. The last scenes in Episode 19 spurred speculation that the series is going to have a sad ending, with Heo Joon Jae (Lee Min Ho) and Shim Cheong (Jun Ji Hyun) parting ways. The episode serves up gratification in multiple forms, and while there are still questions up in the air that we’ll have to wait on, I found this hour thoroughly fun and satisfying. Legend of the Blue Sea: Episode 2 by girlfriday. Yay for twists and turns and character revelations! Drama yang penulisnya Park Ji Eun ini awalnya saya kira bakal sad ending, tapi nyatanya happy ending. Legend of the Blue Sea Poster. The last scenes in Episode 19 … Legend of the Blue Sea Ep 20 is going to be the last installment in SBS’ mermaid tale featuring Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun. SBS will air a Legend of the Blue Sea special instead, and Episode 14 will air next Wednesday, January 4. Joon Jae sees someone from his past. I’m really loving the tonal pendulum of this show, which is both sadder and funnier than I expected, but so well executed in both extremes. Note: Legend of the Blue Sea will be pre-empted on Thursday (expect a whole slew of pre-emptions this week for all the end-of-year awards shows). Legend of The Blue Sea delivers a light-hearted, fun and sweet finale that’s nothing less of what we’ve come to expect of the show. My heart on land has a limited time. The final episode of the K-drama was rife with emotion, goodbyes, and reunions, ultimately culminating in a final scene that was as … Legend of the Blue Sea Ep 20 is going to be the last installment in SBS’ mermaid tale featuring Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun. The show has always done its fun and light-hearted parts well and most of my favourite parts of the show have been its laugh out loud bits. Tapi jadinya bagus juga, lebih mudah rasanya untuk menerima sajian akhir The Legend of Blue Sea dengan penuh kerelaan. The Legend of the Blue Sea Episode 20 has just aired, and the acclaimed Korean drama could not have ended on a better note.