Dan Schneider is a Louisiana pharmacist and father of two. Georgia | the-sun.com | 8d. Danny Schneider Jr. was shot and killed during a drug deal, and Dan's dissatisfaction with police proceedings led him to seek out those responsible himself. Jeffrey Hall is the man accused of killing Danny Schneider Jr. on April 13, 1999 in his pickup truck in the lower 9th ward, New Orleans during a drug deal. In 1999, his son Danny was shot in Louisiana's 9th Ward, outside of New Orleans, during a drug deal gone wrong. Schneider Danny Hall Dan Schneider Jeffery Hall Jeffery Netflix. Related. Danny’s story is highlighted in the Netflix true crime docuseries ‘The Pharmacist’, where his father talks about how he avenged his son’s murder and exposed the Opioid crisis. Five ‘kids aged two to 13’ found dead in family apartment when their ‘parents came home from work’ in Georgia.