In 1980, with the personal computer revolution in its earliest stages, interest was growing in the potential of a ham radio computer interface. Modern Ham Rigs can be controlled via a CAT interface. Bring the latest digital technology to ham radio with SignaLink™ and RIGblaster digital interfaces. Ham Radio and Computer Interface. Digital Mode Interfaces. (Icom uses a proprietary interface called CI-V that requires a converter.) Connecting computer to the radio can be done directly via a computer USB cable, or via one of several interface boxes. Copthorne Macdonald, the inventor of slow-scan television, foresaw early on that a ham radio computer interface was inevitable. The various ham apps that provide rig control provide settings to work with different models and brands of radios. Interface (Computer-to-Radio Cables) Getting Started. You can effectively operate in traditional modes—PSK31, RTTY, SSTV, and CW—or today’s newest modes, including WSJT and MT63. To connect your radio to the sound card in your computer, you'll need an interface. Ham radio control from a computer Radios have an RS-232 or USB control interface through which you can monitor and control nearly every radio function. The simplest interface consists of three (3) cables, one each to handle : RX (receiver audio) TX (transmit audio) and PTT (transmit) functions.
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