to join George the Poet on stage at BBC’s Radio Theatre in London recently. George Mpanga, known as George the Poet, recording an episode of “Have You Heard George’s Podcast?” in front of a live audience in London on Sept. 6. “Have You Heard George’s Podcast?,” by the British spoken-word artist George the Poet, moves between memoir, reportage, fiction, and comedy, delivered almost entirely in rhyming verse. Commissioning Executive for BBC: Dylan Haskins Commissioning Editor for BBC: Jason Phipps. The podcast is a uniquely creative mix of observations, provocations, drama, poetry, and music. The acclaimed spoken word artist George the Poet has said he was strip-searched by police without cause after a gig in London.. Have You Heard George’s Podcast? A Hard Taskmaster 14. ‘Have you Heard George’s Podcast’, the second podcast series from spoken-word artist and social commentator George the Poet employs the power of language to deliver a fresh take on inner-city life and modern politics. 26 min; DEC 9, 2019; 14. A Hard Taskmaster. is a George the Poet production for BBC Sounds. Chaos ensues as the poet ends up travelling 10 years into the future. The Cambridge graduate, real name George … Since first hearing George the Poet's podcast last year, bringing him and producer Benbrick to BBC Sounds has been one of my big ambitions for 2019. At this year’s British Podcast Awards it won four gold awards, two silver and Podcast of the Year. BBC Creative has produced a campaign to promote an award-winning and critically-acclaimed podcast. It was such a privilege (and a little nerve-wracking!) THE SECOND series of the award winning Have You Heard George’s Podcast? by George the Poet, comes to BBC Sounds this autumn.. Having lost his way, George encounters a mysterious figure who offers to help him, but on one condition. George is an incredible rapper, poet and podcast host, so I was honoured to join him for a live BBC Sounds show exploring the relationship between music and education. The two competing parts of George’s brain - contentment and ambition - battle it out. Very, very excited about this one.