In the flexible constitution, there is no difference between constitutional law and ordinary law. As adjectives the difference between flexible and rigid is that flexible is capable of being flexed or bent without breaking; able to be turned, bowed, or twisted, without breaking; pliable; not stiff or brittle while rigid … Rigid Constitution is a constitution which stands above the other laws of the country, while flexible constitutions do not.. A. V. Dicey defines a rigid constitution as one under which certain laws, called constitutional laws or fundamental laws "cannot be changed in the same manner as ordinary laws." Join now. The life of the people because of the flexible constitutions of that country. Based upon the provisions made for its amendment, a constitution can be flexible or rigid or a mixture of both. A rigid Constitution is when there is … The decision whether a state should have a flexible or a rigid constitution, should be taken on the basis of the needs and wishes of society. GK, General Studies, Optional notes for UPSC, IAS, Banking, Civil Services. 1. What is the difference between rigid and flexible constitution ? The main difference between the flexible and rigid pavements is based on the manner in which the loads are distributed to the subgrade. Log in. In this system, judiciary … to say, in the same way as the legislature can amend any ordinary law. 1. It is a flexible but at the same time rigid Constitution. Indian Constitution is one of the lengthiest. Flexible Constitution A constitution that can be changed or amended by normal law-making procedures in the parliament.A flexible constitution is better adapted to changing situations Flexible or rigid relates to vertical loads, no on horizontal loads so it normal that you find barely the same results. What is the difference between rigid and flexible constitution ? Log in. These materials When comparing rigid and flexible packaging in terms of greenness, it is first important to accurately define the differences between the two types of packaging. See answers (1) Ask for details ; Follow Report What do you need to know? Thus, there is difference between constituent Join now. COMPARATIVE STUDY OF AMENDING - PROCESS IN DIFFERENT FEDERAL CONSTITUTIONS ... between flexible and rigid constitutions is to consider . Secondary School. Flexible or rigid relates to vertical loads, no on horizontal loads so it normal that you find barely the same results. A flexible constitution can be amended in an ordinary way i.e. Law. In this system constitutional law and ordinary law are framed by the parliament of the country. Essay on the Difference between Rigid and Flexible Constitution. Join now. of characteristics above provides a basis for discussion. A flexible constitution is said to be in a state of perpetual flex and it is less stable than a rigid constitution because it can be easily amended. Log in. Thus, there are both merits and demerits of Flexible and Rigid Constitutions. Constitutional law can be amended as in the form of amendment of ordinary law. Log in. - 3631122 Ask your question. It is liable to fall a prey to the whims and caprices of political demagogues who are moved by passions and emotions rather than by reason. 3. Enumerate the major differences between a rigid constitution and flexible constitution. Get the answers you need, now! Merits of Flexible Constitution (1) It prevents internal revolts and revolutions: In a flexible constitution the nation is protected against internal revolts and revolutions. Rigid Packaging Rigid packaging is made from paper, corrugated or fiberboard/paperboard materials. For instance, there have been fewer revolts and revolutions in England because of the flexible constitution of that country. In the flexible constitution, the powers and functions of the government are assumable by the parliament. 1. 1. It is influenced from the constitutions of USA, UK, France, and others. 2. Examples of Flexible Constitution The British constitution is example of flexible constitution. 5. Middle School. Political science. Article shared by . Join now. 4. A flexible constitution can be amended by ordinary law mak. No hard and fast rule can be laid down as to whether a state should have a flexible or a rigid constitution. The pavement design is also one major factor, with flexible pavements reliant on subgrade strength and rigid pavement dependent on the flexural strength of concrete. Difference between rigid and flexible constitution - 12494481 1. 5 points bibekpaudel Asked 09.24.2019.
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