There I met Joe Robinson, one of the finest fly-fishing gentlemen and teachers in Texas. Come Visit Our Fly Shop. Guided fishing trips on the Guadalupe River, San Marcos River and the Colorado River as well as other Texas … Now Online - Plan your next Texas fly fishing adventure with Trip Planner. Being a lifelong Oklahoma Sooners fan, I was never too excited about going to Austin, Texas, until I was asked to do a series of seminars at the Austin Angler Fly Shop. Living Waters Fly Fishing is Round Rock’s only fly fishing shop, serving the local community, Central Texas, and beyond! Cancelled: Fly Fish Texas is an opportunity for the whole family to experience the best of fly fishing! For example, Lake Fork is known world wide for the size and quantity of carp and buffalo, but I think you would be hard pressed to say the carp and buffalo have adversely affected the largemouth bass population in Lake Fork. A look inside: * 49 detailed on-the-water route descriptions, referred to as “wades,” on 12 featured streams * Directions to more than 100 legal access points on 19 rivers and creeks in Central Texas Fly Fishing Austin and Central Texas is your passport to the challenges and rewards of angling in this unique and beautiful region. Flooding, drought, and many other factors can affect the bass spawn. Fly fishing guide service for Central Texas based in Austin, Texas. Kevin Morlock has built a solid reputation as one of the premier carp fly fishing guides on and around Lake Michigan's Beaver Island. Of course, fly-fishing isn’t always about the fish. Here are … You can learn to tie flies, practice casting, learn about fish and their habitats and try your hand at fly fishing for bluegill and bass. Here are 10 of the best places to fish in Texas. Kevin's fly, the Carp Breakfast has quickly become one of his client's favorite flies, as well as a sure killer all around the Great Lakes region — where big, heavy patterns are necessary and effective. Fishing is an integral part of most Texans' lives, and here in Texas, there are countless places to go fishing. Bass and carp have co-existed in Texas lakes for years. This service alows you to plan your trip to several of the Texas Hill Country rivers including the Blanco, Guadalupe, Lampasas, San Gabriel, and Perdinales River. Features include lodging, restaurants, and local weather forecasts. But the favorite target this time of year is the state fish of Texas, the Guadalupe bass, which thrives in the Colorado River.