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3 Tips on How to Recover Fast After Breast Surgery

3 Tips on How to Recover Fast After Breast Surgery

3 Tips on How to Recover Fast After Breast Surgery

There is always a recovery period after every surgery, some are just shorter than others. For breast augmentation, there is no exact timeline to determine when you are completely healed because it can differ per patient. How long it takes you to recover is subject to individual factors, such as your pain resistance, the extent of your procedure, health and skin conditions.

Nowadays, it is possible for patients to have more than one surgical procedure done within the same day. For example, it is quite common for women to get a breast augmentation at the same time as a breast lift. This will certainly mean a longer recuperation time for those who want to do a combination of surgeries all in one go. In this case, you will immediately feel the distinction between having multiple complex procedures versus just one.

For this reason, surgeons often suggest patients to combine breast surgery with liposuction or an alternate restorative procedure instead. This should decrease the healing time, but still generate excellent results. This way you won’t have to take too much time off work.

The post-operative healing process of a breast surgery is relatively unique for each patient, except for a few shared or common experiences that apply to everybody. The first one is that you will feel weight on your midsection, your muscles will hurt when you lift your body from the bed, and your breasts will feel like they are way too huge. These are all normal sensations associated with breast surgery.

3 Tips to Recovery

To ensure your wounds heal faster, follow these suggestions:

1. Apply ice packs on the breasts for the first two days after the surgery to lessen the discomfort and pain.
My suggestion is to get ice packs from the grocery store and load them with water before you go to your surgery. If you weren’t able to prepare this before your surgery, you can use two vegetable sacks as an alternative. Any frozen bag or cold compress will do fine and just wrap it in a bit of fabric.

Keep the bags there for about 60 minutes and then let your breasts rest for a few hours, at least 2 hours. Afterwards, you repeat the process. You should continue this for two days after the surgery. You may wonder why this is useful for quick recuperation. Actually, ice lessens any aggravation of the mammary glands and the pectoral muscle, thereby eliminating the strain around the implant. Also, it plays a part in decreasing any potential pain and discomfort.

2. Use pillows to position your body forward as you sleep.

During the first week, you will feel discomfort every time you get up. While an upward sleeping position can be uncomfortable for sleeping, it will help you get in and out of bed with less inconvenience.

This position is highly recommended because the right side of your stomach muscles are rooted to the area where the breast augmentation procedure is done. This is why getting up from a level position to can be excruciating. Also, you may experience ill effects or irritation from the surgery.
On the other hand, when you rest in a flexed position, your right abdominal area doesn’t need such a solid compression to lift the body, and the pain will only be slight.

3. Make sufficient arm movement during the first two weeks after the breast enhancement surgery.

This will speed up your recuperation and help your implants settle. By arm movements, I mean small motions like extending your arm to reach for the car handle, closing the door, stretching your arms to get something.

A common misconception is that patients should keep as still as possible after a surgery, but actually arm movements are particularly advantageous after breast surgery. Moving your arms will stretch the pectoral muscle, thereby decreasing stiffness and increases blood flow. Your pectoral muscles are located around the breast implants, so the movement will also decrease the swelling.

After breast surgery, there will be irritation in that specific area. You won’t necessarily feel pain during your arm movements, yet it will sting in the evenings without a doubt. If this happens, there is no urgent reason to call the surgeon. All you need to do to wait for the pain to subside a bit or take a pain relieving pill. Putting an ice pack on the area for 60 minutes will also relieve you of any discomfort.


For a few patients, the recuperation procedure after breast enhancement takes no more than a couple days to a couple of weeks. The results are designed to last a lifetime notwithstanding any drastic body changes. The overall healing procedure will be finished within a couple of months after the surgery because it will take a while for the wounds to heal.

Continuing daily exercises bit-by-bit and giving your body time to recuperate will help you attain your desired results.

In addition, the surgeon will give you a compression bra or girdle to wear for a couple of weeks or even months. This is another critical part to your recovery as it will help with the swelling and inflammation.

Taking after your surgeon’s proposals to the letter is essential for a quick recovery. Even though some may feel greatly improved sooner than expected, this does not mean that you stop following your surgeon’s instructions. Don’t exert yourself, and don’t disregard the surgeon’s requests, otherwise your quick recuperation may transform into a troublesome mending process instead.

Therefore, giving yourself sufficient time to heal will actually help you accomplish greater results. Make sure to take absolute care of your body during this time.


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